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WiF 5 Vassal GameBox or map

Hello, Would someone have a WiF 5 Vassal GameBox or a high resolution WiF 5 map pitcure ? Thanks Patrice
Patrice Forno
8:41 AM

Re: Minor control question

The Germans don't need to send an HQ. As the rules says: *Your units can enter hexes controlled by a minor country if it is aligned with any active major power
Torsten Hasforth
6:44 AM

Re: Minor control question

I do not agree with you. According to who can enter a minor (19.3): *Your units can enter hexes controlled by a minor country if it is aligned with any active
Max Fra
6:24 AM

Re: Minor control question

The German player never needs to send an HQ as major powers are not subject to foreign troop commitment rules in any minor. Steve Sent from my iPhone
Steve Balk
6:24 AM

Re: Minor control question

Not quite. Here's the rule for major power units: units can’t enter the home country of a non co-operating major power on the same side unless they satisfy
Torsten Hasforth
6:09 AM

Minor control question

At the beginning of the 1939 scenaro Libya is a minor aligned with Italy. According to the foreign troop commitment rule German troops cannot enter the minor
6:03 AM

Re: Naval movement question

It means they can't leave the sea area. They can, however, be placed in any sea box section (or lower) that they have the movement points to reach. ... The
Nov 23

Naval movement question

The rules say: You can split a moving task force in any sea area or port it passes through. Each time you split a task force from the main force, you use a
Nov 23

Re: Fractional odds question.

First the odds then the modifications. Steve Sent from my iPhone
Steve Balk
Nov 23

Re: Fractional odds question.

First, you see if you make the roll for the fractional odds increase. You then decrease the odds column you arrived at (or didn't arrive at) by the weather
Nov 23

Fractional odds question.

When playing with fractional odds what do you have to apply first: fractional odd odd reduction for weather or terrain For example if the ratio is 60/10 on
Nov 23
Jerome LAVIS
Nov 23

Air transport into difficult terrain

If a 1 move garrison unit is transported into a difficult terrain eg a Mountain with a port or a city, does it flip as if it had moved there from an adjacent
Nov 23

Re: Different Map discrepancies

Can I use the left over points on my Morey's card to go? On Saturday, November 21, 2015 8:12 AM, "William Popovich popovichwilliam@... [wifdiscussion]"
Robert Chiasson
Nov 23

Re: NEI forces active?

All straightforward. Thanks guys.
Nov 21
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