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8Re: [wichitavegetariansandvegans] (unknown)

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  • Denise Greathouse
    Apr 14, 2008
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      I wish this group would have taken off but unfortunately Wichita is not the most vegetarian or vegan friendly community.Not sure where you are moving from, I moved from Dallas, but the grocery stores here are getting better. I would recommend Green Acres or Food for Thought for organic and vegan products. They have the best selection. There is a "Whole Foods" here but it is a locally owned place. Not like the huge chain around the country (that I really miss). There are no vegetarian restaurants here either.I wold be happy to tell you which one's I go to if you are interested. For some reason the town is kinda divided east and west. I can let you know the veggie friendly restaurants on either side. Good luck being vegan, I was a vegetarian for 7 years before I switched.

      ashlee_l <ASHLEE_L@...> wrote:
      Hey! I hope this group is still active! I am a vegan (only 2 months of
      vegan), but was a vegetarian for 5 years. I will be moving to Wichita
      this summer and will be looking for a veg community. Also - I will be
      looking for a supermarket with organic and vegan products. Any
      available? Any pointers will be greatly appreciated!


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