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4Re: vegan as well

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  • deniseg79
    Jun 23, 2006
      Hey, glad to hear there are more of us out here in Wichita!!! I
      started a wichita vegetarians and vegans on meetup.com if you want to
      join there there are 8 more of us. I sometimes tell people I'm lactose
      intolerant too just because I'm too lazy to explain everything about
      being vegan--then when you do it leads to funny looks and a long list
      of questions. Not too many options in Wichita (Dallas/ Fort worth is
      great compared to here). So far as I can tell there is stuff a PF
      Changs, Macaroni Grill (tell them no chesse no butter) Johnny
      Carino's, Bennigans,A Taste of India, Poblanos, and Green leaf cafe
      (the Indian groc store sells snacks and some stuff on the weekend but
      the place isn't exactly clean).
      I do know the feeling of accidently eating dairy after not eating
      it for a long time...I did that too and my stomach hurt so bad!!
      Glad to meet you and hope to see you on meetup.com...If not I check
      here regularly too.
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