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3vegan as well

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  • Jen
    Jun 22, 2006
      Well, I became a vegetarian in late December 2005, and by the
      following February I had cut all animal completely out of my diet.
      Eating at a restaurant in the ICT is hard. I don't have a problem
      with my diet, but I've found that the minute I step outside my door
      and into a restaurant, it becomes a huge issue. I've learned that
      not many people here really know what "vegan" is. To save time, I
      just tell them all I'm lactose intolerant and I don't eat meat. If
      they know that they may kill you if they give you the wrong food,
      they're more likely to prepare your meals a bit more carefully.
      Really, if you hit the mediterranean (probably didn't spell that
      right) or asian cusines in town, you find some great food. I'm
      shocked at it, but Village Inn actually carries boca burgers. I had
      a horrible experience when my carniverous friends dragged me into
      Outback Steakhouse. We're talking about a company that doesn't even
      have a marinara sauce, let alone a salad that isn't dripping in
      flesh. I told my waitress I was vegan, and went with her food
      recommendations. I spent quite a bit of money that night, only to
      get sick the next day. Turns out that everything the waitress had
      assured me I could eat had butter or milk in it, and since it hadn't
      been in my system for so long, I was so tired and lackadaisical the
      next day I could barely function at work. It was horrible.
      Oh, I guess that this is supposed to be an introduction since it's
      my first post. Hey! I'm Jen! Nice to meetcha!
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