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Re: (unknown)

Denise, Thank you for the suggestions (and sorry I am so slow in responding). I know I will miss our local grocery stores here and hope I can find the same
Jun 29, 2008

Re: (unknown)

I wish this group would have taken off but unfortunately Wichita is not the most vegetarian or vegan friendly community.Not sure where you are moving from, I
Denise Greathouse
Apr 14, 2008

(no subject)

Hey! I hope this group is still active! I am a vegan (only 2 months of vegan), but was a vegetarian for 5 years. I will be moving to Wichita this summer and
Apr 12, 2008

Re: vegan as well

http://vegetarian.meetup.com/381/ Or you can just go to meetup.com and search for wichita vegetarians. :-) Denise ...
Denise Greathouse
Jun 23, 2006

Re: vegan as well

Sounds cool. What's the website for the meetup group? deniseg79 wrote: I started a wichita vegetarians and vegans on meetup.com if you
Jenny Demonic
Jun 23, 2006

Re: vegan as well

Hey, glad to hear there are more of us out here in Wichita!!! I started a wichita vegetarians and vegans on meetup.com if you want to join there there are 8
Jun 23, 2006

vegan as well

Well, I became a vegetarian in late December 2005, and by the following February I had cut all animal completely out of my diet. Eating at a restaurant in the
Jun 22, 2006


Welcome to the Wichita Vegetarians and Vegans group. As stated in the description, my family just moved to Wichita from the Dallas Fort Worth area. I've not
Apr 20, 2006
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