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  • Deena MacKenzie
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    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 12, 2003
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      >Hi, I'm new to the group.I've been on the witchcraft path seriously for the
      >last 3 or 4 years, but before that I was on the path and didn't realize it.
      >I'm into gardening, especially indoors, as I love having plants around me.
      >I'm leaning more about oudoor gardening, but I like plantlife around me
      >inside more. I love walking in the woods and used to be could seen down by
      >the river alot climbing piles of driftwood, and bringing home rocks,
      >driftwood, shells, animal bones( don't know why the bones?) Guess because
      >reminds me of the cycle of birth/death/rebirth? I have set aside a sacred
      >area in the yard under some cedars and I have my animal bones there. I
      >collect teddy bears, especially the old and worn ones. I have about 200 of
      >them. My husband calls me a packrat! I also collect the books that I'm
      >interested such as on the Craft, Paranormal, religions, myths, mysteries of
      >the world, herbs, and regular indoor plants, and much more. If I had a room
      >for a library it would be almost full. I'm from the bootheel of
      >Missouri and moved to Canada in '87 and have lived here in British Columbia
      >ever since. I've moved around since I've been here and now live in
      >B.C. in Terrace. I would move home in a heartbeat. For the first 13 1/2
      >years I was a writer /poet but for the last 2 years have written nothing?!
      >I'm married and have 1 daughter still with us who is 15. Deena
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