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Gaia Gathering - just a few months away

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    Your January Gaia Gathering Update The itinerary for Gaia Gathering is coming together for a wonderful May long weekend in Friendly Manitoba - In One Place
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 17, 2007
      Your January Gaia Gathering Update

      The itinerary for Gaia Gathering is coming together for a wonderful May long
      weekend in Friendly Manitoba - "In One Place and Face to Face" ... Pagans
      from all across Canada are giving their input on topics for peer -to-peer
      panels, round table discussions, and to discuss ideas and present academic
      papers - join the discussion at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Gaia_Gathering .
      Merchants are booking their tables (contact cloakedrealm@... . If you
      have original pagan chants or songs to share with other communities for use
      in ritual or celebration, sign up for the Song Sharing Circle. If you are a
      musician with pagan themed music and want to perform at the Sunday night
      concert, contact jacinthe.labbe@... . Have you registered yet? The
      earlier you register, the more you save - visit
      http://www.gaiagathering.ca/index.php?pageid=32 to get to the registration
      page and information on accommodations!

      And for Canadian pagan visual artists - the following announcement:

      Here ye! Here ye!

      All artists out yonder, we are looking for your creative work! There is to
      be an Art Stream for Gaia Gathering Winnipeg� We are looking for anything
      within the Visual Arts. This could be a painting, a sculpture, photography
      � as long as it is pagan based in nature. If you paint, sculpt, photograph
      or create any kind of *visual art,* gather up digital photographs of your
      work(s) and submit a small write up describing your work, the medium(s)
      used, dimensions, and your full name, contact information, as well as a
      little about yourself. Email your submission(s) to jazmine
      .rountree@... .

      *Deadline for submissions is Feb. 15 th, 2007.*

      If selected, your work will be displayed at the conference and will be part
      of an art stream booklet, along with your write up that is submitted. It
      is our idea that the artists in the hosting city can show their works live,
      while those that are out of town can have theirs shown digitally. This
      gives artists in each Canadian city a chance to show live works! We would
      also like to open up discussion on the lists to find out if there is
      interest in having the artists have a talk on their works or a panel format
      about pagan art.
      We look forward to seeing the creative genius out

      for more information on Gaia Gathering, the Canadian National Pagan
      Conference, please visit our web page at www.gaiagathering.ca.

      In Gaia's name we gather, She's called to you and me
      As Pagans, as Canadians, the branches of her maple tree
      (opening lines of the Gaia Gathering anthem)

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