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Re: [whidbeylostdogs] found golden lab

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    Please make sure that you run a found ad, and notify both the Oak Harbor and Coupeville animal shelters when you find a dog. That, along with this Whidbey
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 27, 2004
      Please make sure that you run a "found" ad, and notify both the Oak Harbor
      and Coupeville animal shelters when you find a dog. That, along with this
      Whidbey lost dogs email group should cover all the bases.

      Has your dog wagged its tail today?
      360) 321-4049
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      Sent: Friday, August 27, 2004 3:02 PM
      Subject: [whidbeylostdogs] found golden lab

      > I have an older female lab staying with me right now who literally
      > just showed up at my door one day. I live off of henni road just
      > ourside of Oak harbor. She showed up about a week to a week and a
      > half ago. I will keep her until someone claims her...she seems to
      > have arthritus, she limps around everywhere, and she has a purple
      > spot on her left side right next to her tail. If anyone has and
      > information PLEASE let me know so I can get her home!!
      > thanks!
      > mikayla
      > Please send email to this group only to report a
      > dog that you have lost or found.
      > If you have lost your dog, don't forget to contact and VISIT
      > the WAIF Animal Shelter in Coupeville and the Oak Harbor
      > Animal Shelter on the Seaplane Base. It is very important to visit the
      shelters yourself to check for your dog -- shelter staff may not recognize
      your dog from a description over the telephone. Check out the WAIF web site
      to see if you recognize a dog currently at the
      > shelter ( http://www.waifanimals.org/). If you have found a dog, notify
      the shelters also, as well as other places dog owners may contact (like the
      veterinary clinics.) A dog license tag
      > or other ID on the dog will help return the animal home safely. Consider a
      microchip -- a stolen dog will have its tags removed before being dumped, so
      a microchip might help return your dog home.
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      message from this list, all members of the list will see your reply. If you
      want to reply to one specific message poster, please use their email address
      in a new message you create.
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