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RE: STILL LOST- 2 DOGS: Shipmate & Sailor 061101

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  • Lisa L. Grosso
    Barbara and Everyone at WhidbeyLostDogs, Shipmate, our Jack Russell Terrier and Sailor, our Miniature Schnauzer are still missing and it has been 3 weeks this
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 11, 2001
      Barbara and Everyone at WhidbeyLostDogs,
      Shipmate, our Jack Russell Terrier and Sailor, our Miniature Schnauzer
      are still missing and it has been 3 weeks this past Sunday, 6/10. They were
      sighted about a mile from our house on 5/17 at the intersection of
      Houston Rd and Highway 525 and a Jack Russell was sighted on 6/3 at the
      intersection of Welcher Rd & Highway 20 across from the OLF landing field.
      We stuffed mailboxes and posted signs in the areas each time and spent hours
      looking but we have still not been able to locate them. I am leaving
      shortly to drive down to the road past the Greenbank Store to look for the
      sign that you saw concerning the two lost dogs. If anyone has any more
      information, please don't hesitate to contact us directly to report a
      sighting or information. A Reward is offered for their safe return.

      Thanks for the information, Barbara!

      Alex, Lisa, A.J. III Pete
      The Grosso Family
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      I have misplaced the info to contact the people that have been looking for
      the pair of lost dogs for a few weeks now. The dogs were captain and
      shipmate or something like that.......as I was traveling home from Oak
      Harbor yesterday....going south I saw a sign that read "found 2 dogs". It
      hard to see.....they might want to check it out. I had passed Greenbank
      headed south.....just past the road south of Greenbank market where the
      houses start up along the right side of the road again. On the
      sign is high up so unless you are looking for it you'd miss it. It's black
      writing on an old board posted at the end of the driveway to one of the
      houses on the right. Please pass this info onto anyone who may need it. I
      going back to Oak Harbor today and will look for an address on my way home
      again and email you if there is one I can see.
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