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Re: [whidbeylostdogs] Brindle color( American bulldog/pit-bull) ICO Bronx

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  • ohpd42
    Oak Harbor s hold period is 6 days, not sure on Island County, but I think it is 5 days. ... From: Rescue Robin Sent: April 20, 2013
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      Oak Harbor's hold period is 6 days, not sure on Island County, but I think it is 5 days.

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      Is Bronx nuetered and chipped?

      Have you called Waif Oak Harbor and Coupeville to see if he was turned in?
      The only hold the dogs for 72 hrs.

      On Apr 20, 2013 8:47 PM, "GERALD" <hillgl1@...> wrote:


      Currently, we are searching or our dog and we need your help. He was last
      seen in Oak Harbor WA, around Fairhaven and 13th Near Barrington on
      Saturday April 13, 2013 in the afternoon. His name is Bronx and he is an
      (American bulldog/pit-bull) brown or Brindle color with a white chest and
      white on his paws. He is not cropped, has a full tale, and is very
      friendly. We miss Bronx and really need him home, so if you have seen him
      or have any information on his location, then please contact us @
      (360)672-3361/3360. Again, we need your help, so please contact us at any
      time. Thank you, and take care.

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      Please send email to this group only to report a
      dog that you have lost or found.

      If you have lost your dog, don't forget to contact and VISIT
      the WAIF Animal Shelter in Coupeville and the Oak Harbor
      Animal Shelter on the Seaplane Base. It is very important to visit the shelters yourself to check for your dog -- shelter staff may not recognize your dog from a description over the telephone. Check out the WAIF web site to see if you recognize a dog currently at the
      shelter ( http://www.waifanimals.org/). If you have found a dog, notify the shelters also, as well as other places dog owners may contact (like the veterinary clinics.) Post a notice at the off-leash dog parks. A dog license tag or other ID on the dog will help return the animal home safely. Consider a microchip -- a stolen dog will have its tags removed before being dumped, so a microchip might help return your dog home.

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