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RE: [whidbeylostdogs] My puppy

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  • WAIF
    Hello, this is Danyelle with WAIF, We have your puppy here!!! A gentleman came in and said she was left in a ladies room over-nite in Freeland (at the park is
    Message 1 of 3 , May 6, 2003
      Hello, this is Danyelle with WAIF,

      We have your puppy here!!! A gentleman came in and said she was left in a
      ladies room over-nite in Freeland (at the park is my bet). So my guess is
      after she got away, someone didn't know what to do with her, and left her in
      the bathroom in hopes that someone would find her and bring her here.

      We named her Eclipse, and she has been here since 5/3/03, which is a
      Saturday. She did have her green collar on (which we kept on her). I don't
      know what we will charge you to get her out of here . . . that will have to
      be up to our shelter manager. Since she's not spayed, we might keep her here
      until she's spayed, then let you come back and adopt her since it might be
      cheaper than paying the Room and Board fee.

      Anyways, please email us back as soon as possible with your full name,
      address, and phone number, so the shelter manager can contact you on the
      best plan. She will remain here until you pick her up, since we now know
      that she has an owner.


      WAIF Staff
    • Joyce Griswold
      Message 2 of 3 , May 19, 2003
        wranisavljevic wrote:

        > Hi! Last Friday I lost my puppy at the Freeland Park down the
        > hill from my house. She is a brown pitbull/chow with a black nose
        > and mouth, and a black tail. I miss her a lot, and I'd love to have
        > her back as soon as possible. I've been putting up signs around
        > Freeland, and I have been trying to reach the pound. Please contact
        > me if you see her around, she will come to the name Indica. She may
        > also have a green collar on. Please help!! Thanks..
        > --Willow
        > Please send email to this group only to report a
        > dog that you have lost or found.
        > If you have lost your dog, don't forget to contact and VISIT
        > the WAIF Animal Shelter in Coupeville and the Oak Harbor
        > Animal Shelter on the Seaplane Base. It is very important to visit the shelters yourself to check for your dog -- shelter staff may not recognize your dog from a description over the telephone. Check out the WAIF web site to see if you recognize a dog currently at the
        > shelter ( http://www.waifanimals.org/dogs/dogs.asp ). If you have found a dog, notify the shelters also, as well as other places dog owners may contact (like the veterinary clinics.) A dog license tag
        > or other ID on the dog will help return the animal home safely. Consider a microchip -- a stolen dog will have its tags removed before being dumped, so a microchip might help return your dog home.
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