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Re: [whidbeylostdogs] Found : Pikachu

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  • Curtis Bland
    Thanks so much for your message. I haven t written you for the longest time because it seems every time I do, something immediately goes wrong w/ our
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 6 10:18 AM
      Thanks so much for your message. I haven't written you for the longest time
      because it seems every time I do, something immediately goes wrong w/ our
      otherwise happy little boy. Of couse, we were holding our breath to get
      thru this past weekend, anyway, since it is time for The Annual Escape.
      But, somehow, I don't think he really intended to GO this year. It was just
      more a case of mixed signals between Piki and Curt and the dog sort of felt
      forced to go, yet desperately hoping he could come back here again.

      Altho he was very leery of Curt for the first few hours he was home, he laid
      in the family room with Curt after I weny to bed last nite and awoke Curt by
      comung up to him in bed this morning and covering him with kisses!
      They are all out on a short walk right now.

      Really appreciate your caring and prayers. Love, Barb

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      > Barb!
      > I was so worried--you and Curt and Blue and Pik were in my prayers...so
      > glad!!!!!!
      > Lori
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