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85Lost Shar Pei

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  • ladaha2
    Mar 7, 2002
      Missing from the area of Maxwelton and Ewing Roads in Clinton as of
      today March 7th.
      We returned home from Lynnwood today to find that someone had opened
      our door while we were gone. Our other dogs were sitting on the front
      porch patiently waiting for us but my daughter's Shar Pei was gone! He
      is an unaltered male, a dirty brown color, he is shedding his coat
      so he looks rather scruffy at this point. He has no collar on as she
      just bathed him day before yesterday.....but he has a skin condition
      so he still doesn't smell pretty. His tail was broken last fall in
      an accident and it hangs rather than curling up over his back and
      swings side to side like a pendulum when he walks....he also has no
      feeling in it. He has a fat wrinkly face and breathes heavily, also
      snores loudly when he sleeps. His name is Nolbert and we would
      desperately like to find him! He is a house dog and not used to the
      cold so we are very worried given that it snowed tonight and is
      expected to get cold. My daughter's 18th Birthday was yesterday and
      she is paniced tonight about her dog! What a lousy way to start off
      her 18th year. If anyone has any information about him please call us
      asap! We have made a report with the Sherriff's dept so they will be
      looking for him and we plan on calling WAIF in the morning.
      Please call if you have any info about him! Thanks! (360) 579-2780