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122Emergency: lost senior dog, maybe injured

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  • martha burdick
    Jan 5, 2003
      I was in a car accident last night (Sat., 1/4) and am still missing one of
      my dogs. She is 15 years old, arthritic, and may be injured.

      The accident happened about 5 pm at SR 525 and Kramer Road (across from the
      Bayview Transfer Station). All 3 of my dogs apparently escaped through a
      broken window in the car. One dog is still missing.

      She is all black, long haired, about 55 pounds (a bit chunky), has a limp in
      her back leg, no collar, small floppy ears. Her name is Lucy. The transfer
      station people said they saw her running towards the back entrance of the
      park (near the battery and free junk section). Lucy is very shy but not
      aggressive. Her tongue is all black (she is a Chow cross).

      If you find her please email or call me (360/331-5978). It seems that my
      voicemail may not be working. If you could help look for her, that would be

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