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Re: [wf100] Homestead ending

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  • Russ Evans
    Peter, A friend of mine received this off the ultra list last week on 6/29 and forwarded it to me: ... From: Laurie Staton Date: Fri, 29
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 3, 2001
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      A friend of mine received this off the ultra list last week on 6/29 and
      forwarded it to me:
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      From: "Laurie Staton" <L-STATON@...>
      Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2001 08:31:35 -0600

      >From Irv Nielsen, Wasatch Course Marshall:

      The Wasatch 100 mile committee decided to seek approval by Oak Haven Cabin
      Owners Association and run down Lime Canyon. A short description follows:
      The course will stay the same all the way to Rock Springs and go east up
      the East Ridge Trail instead of down south to Mill Canyon Aid Station.
      The East Ridge trail will bring runners 4 miles back north to the top of
      Pot Hollow and then go downhill east 1.5 miles to the Deer Creek road. Do
      a left turn there and plod up the "Grump" - a 1.3 mile climb to the Crest
      road, Lower Old Goat Junction. Take a left turn there and do a 0.4 mile
      climb north to the Lime Canyon exit - right turn off the Crest road. Go
      down this trail / ATV road 2 miles to the Firebreak / Water Tank road - a
      left turn (about 3 miles to the finish). Follow this road about a mile
      through a white gate, up past the water tank and as the road drops east
      down the ridge look for a trail heading north off the ridge where it is
      about 1.5 miles to the finish (look for a blue ribbon) down the Snowshoe
      Base trail. The trail descends into a meadow cuts right through the trees,
      comes to a junction with the Ridge Trai!
      l and drops down crossing straight across a horse trail. Then it drops
      down the trail heading north and east and hits a short dirt road and you
      turn left heading for the Snake Creek Road across from the Wasatch Mountain
      State Park visitor center (there is a large blue dumpster there by the Blue
      Boar Inn on the south side of the road. Run the 0.7 miles going east down
      the road which turns south becoming Homestead Road to the white gate just
      before the Homestead entrance. Go east through the white gate and cut south
      again onto the grass and the finish.


      Laurie Staton


      I have the USGS quads and was trying to decipher the route. There is one
      new quad required I think - Heber City. Anyway, the above description was
      not enough for me to be able to precisely determine the exact route, but it
      was helpful in identifying the general course direction. Hopefully, they
      will be updating the website with more details soon.


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      From: "Peter Riley" <pdriley@...>
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      Sent: Monday, July 02, 2001 3:32 PM
      Subject: [wf100] Homestead ending

      > Hello. Anyone know what the details are regarding the last portion of the
      course, where it diverges from the finish the last two years?
      > Thanks,
      > Peter Riley
      > pdriley@...
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