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9Re: Free The Innocent,Damien, Jason, Jes

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  • spoocannon
    May 23, 2000
      Hello all. I first saw the 1st Paradise Lost on
      HBO when it was first showed. I have never been so
      pissed off in my life, nor have I actually yelled at the
      TV. I was enraged by the fact that all three were
      guilty by association and the fact they were the
      stereotypical "stoner" or "long hair." This is what got me
      interested into the case. I keep thinking that if I lived in
      that area during the time the crime was committed, I
      would have probably been incarcerated as well solely on
      my appearance. <br>Now, it would be redundant if I
      said the same "they're innocent" "free the WM3!." I
      think a re-trial should be first priority. I know that
      the re-trail was denied even though the bite evidence
      has been released exonerating the three as inflicting
      the injury. The trial was a completely biased and
      self-serving. Regardless of their guilt or innocence (however,
      I know there is a lot more to the story than anyone
      is letting on like the crazy Byers) the trial was an
      injustice, w/o the correct due process and the corrupt media
      coverage and a re-trial should be granted on legalities
      alone.<br><br>Anyway, that's only a sample of my rant but I want to say
      it's nice to be a part of the club.
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