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6Re: Free The Innocent,Damien, Jason, Jes

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  • bsbfemale4life
    Mar 30, 2000
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      Jenny I think you are so right in that the
      innocent in this country are put away for something that
      they didnt do and the guilty are out roaming the
      streets.Its so clear that Mark Byers coomited this murders
      and that his wife either knew about it or was
      involved in it somehow.And I know thats those three little
      boys are looking down om us and pprobably know that
      these three kids are innocent.Someone should get a good
      physcic involved in this someone who cansay the true like
      the physcic Silva Browne from the montel willams show
      she knows alot of things about the other life and can
      share her views on who really did it.Well al I have to
      say is that I think they are all three innocent and I
      dont care what anyone says to me on how i can defend
      three guys who were found guilt of murdering 3 kids.
      They are innocent and iI will fight to see them out
      and the true killer in.
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