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5Free The Innocent,Damien, Jason, Jessie,

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  • jennyredrin_26
    Mar 30, 2000
      I was hoping i would see alot more people than
      this in this club. The injustice is so clear to our
      hearts and minds. Please tell everyone about this club
      since they closed the message board with the wm3 for a
      while. Life is so sweet and short. All 3 of these boys
      had lives that were taken away from them, their
      dreams and hopes. I swear these people are blind or
      something, their is no evidence linked to these young men,
      just hearsay and reputation and religion and
      assumption. What about Byers? His wife is dead but in the
      autopsy report she had blood in her esophagus, meaning
      she was smothered. Why wasnt he arrested when he was
      the one who was laying beside her when she died, with
      evidence in hand. I dont understand! I guess they can
      accuse anyone of murder and exclude them as well. Or
      they can make someone else be the one to pay for the
      crime because they had to pin it on someone fast. Those
      3 babies are not fully free by the public, they
      know who did this to them, they are the only ones and
      God knows as well. They are in heaven, angels by your
      side with no pain or madness. It is a tragedy for
      everyone. Please write your thoughts to me im very
      intersted in anything you would like to add.
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