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22John Mark Byers

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  • Tina <myfarmerdaddysprincess@yahoo.com>
    Dec 9, 2002
      Hi. My name is Tina Sellers. I am from Marion,Arkansas. The same city
      where Damien,Jason,and Jessie are from. I knew Damien quite well. His
      family and my family are good friends. My sister used to spend the
      night at his house with his sister. I always thought he was the
      cutest thing in the world. The things he used to do,I do now. I
      better watch out or I will be the next one. I was only 11 when they
      got arrested. When I heard that he got arrested,I was in shock. But I
      always believed he was innocent. I knew for sure they were going to
      get out of it. But I was wrong. The trial was unfair. They didn't
      even have evidence to convict them. And every evidence they had to
      set them free,somehow disapeared. I think about them alot. Especially
      Damien. I wonder if they will ever get out. Anyways I believe someone
      was asking about Byers. He is in prison for selling drugs to a
      undercover cop and buying beer for a minor. If anyone has any
      questions just ask.
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