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  • audrey_parrish
    Mar 17, 2000
      Greetings-<br><br>I've been following this story
      like so many others since "Paradise Lost" first went
      to video several years ago. It seems the human race
      has forgotten something on their way towards
      enlightenment. Unfortunately, people inherently judge each other
      by appearance. Who 's the fastest, the smartest, the
      strongest, who's the best? I don't believe this is something
      we can stop, but we can control it. The WM3 is a
      lesson we must take again because we keep failing! It's
      obvious what's happening here. It makes me sick to even
      think about it. The fact that we can be so careless,
      thoughtless, so stupid to even let this situation get so far
      out of control is beyond my comprehension. And from
      what I see, I'm not the only one. I want to applaud
      everyone for their hard work. From what it seems, it's
      gonna take a lot more because people are still missing
      the point. With our overly judgmental society, it is
      almost too easy to see how the jury could have made this
      ruling. <br> Now what really scares me is the fact that
      of been for TV! We've opened up a whole new can of
      worms in our judicial system with the filming of court
      cases. Now you are subject to trial by the world and
      appearance is everything! I question if we would have even
      cared about this trial had we not been enthralled with
      Damien's character, or felt sympathy or fear for Jessie,
      or because they lived in a "backwards" area. These
      are questions I myself find difficult to face, but I
      have to ask. Am I as guilty of misjudgment as the
      people of West Memphis pointing their fingers at three
      innocents because of their clothing or their taste in
      music? Or the fear that "they" may not fit-in because
      "they" are different from the rest? How far is our
      judgement going to stretch before it snaps back at us? I
      fear this trial becoming so public as it unfortunately
      needs to be is going to show us an ugly reflection of
      ourselves. Regardless of the outcome we have made our
      decisions through "appearances". I question how this is
      going to affect courtroom trials in the future. And
      will we be able to fairly judge our peers? <br>
      Broadcasting trials is a good thing. We would never of known
      about the "West Memphis Three" without it, and it just
      may be the one thing that saves them. However; I
      think now is a good time to begin carefully examining
      how things are done inside the courtrooms, during the
      investigation, and inside forensic labs. We need to insure our
      criminal justice system is truly keeping scientific
      evidence and speculation separate. It is a fine line to
      walk though; it is already too easy to make the
      innocent look guilty through video. The investigation by
      the WMPD is an embarrassment. Unfortunately, we have
      become accustomed to this. Just look at the problems
      found in the NYPD or LAPD. We, as a nation, can not
      tolerate this any longer. I think state law officials
      should be rotated around different cities and even
      states in order to prevent corruption. That would
      provide a more rounded professional. The methods we have
      been using to judge are going to have to change in
      order to keep up with technology and modern lifestyles
      which do not always reflect their Christian ideal.
      That's how we grow! <br> In closing, I believe this case
      has stirred up a collected conscious fear of being
      tried and convicted by our peers because we all are
      "different". Let's learn from our mistakes and have a fair
      trial without it turning more into the donkey show it's
      already become. Since the first time I saw "Paradise
      Lost" not a day has gone by that I haven't thought
      about and prayed for the freedom of Damien, Jason, and
      Jessie and for the trial and conviction of the true
      guilty.<br><br>Thank you,<br>Audrey
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