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215Re: [westloopsnb] meeting

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  • Judy Perez
    Jun 3, 2008
      Re: [westloopsnb] meeting It is too bad the group is struggling to survive, I know everyone has busy schedules and it is hard to find a time that works for everyone.

      Should we consider another poll to see if there is another night/time that people would prefer to get together? You know we also might want to consider making a flyer to post on the boards in Starbucks (morgan/madison & morgan/randolph) to draw some interest. I think right now the group is too small get the energy it needs to keep going.

      Now that the weather has changed we could also try for a happy hour on the sidewalk someplace. Like say out in front of Red Kiva. Randolph is pretty peaceful in the early evening. Would anyone be interested in that maybe next Thursday at 6pm (weather permitting)?


      On 6/3/08 2:41 PM, "Concetta Phillipps" <roostercf@...> wrote:


      Me too! After the south loop group failed, also, it makes me very sad. Maybe switch up the night again?
      Otherwise, I'm not sure how we're going to get more people in. Me, its all based on work staffing - if I don't have an assistant, I'm here until the wee hours having to make sure my work gets done. :-< When I do I have much more free time.

      Paula Liss-Emperado <p.a.liss@...> wrote:
      Does anyone else plan on attending?  
      Judy, what do you think?  I feel like our poor group is dying :(

      On 6/3/08, Concetta Phillipps <roostercf@...> wrote:   
      I'm stuck at work until at least 9 :-< Yech!
      Sorry, I'll miss you guys!

      Judy Perez <judy.perez@...> wrote:
      boy this snuck up on me, is anyone up for tomorrow? I think I can make  it.






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