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19Re: [westloopsnb] Help with socks!

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  • judy.perez@comcast.net
    Sep 5, 2006
      Hi Amy, many of my socks had holes along the ankle and i could not understand how to fix the problem. A friend showed me a book that she had on knitting socks that gave a method for making an increase by the wrap and then in the next row knitting the wrap and the increase together, this filled in the hole. it probably does not make much sense and it has been so long since I have made a sock I can not remeber any better than that. good luck!


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      From: Amy Taylor <gljfan@...>
      > I don't know why I just can't seem to get this...I know it can't be hard, as I
      > see plenty of people make socks with their eyes closed, it seems. (*nudge nudge*
      > Judy *nudge nudge*)
      > I get to the heel turn...no problems, I can do the wrap stitch & turn just fine.
      > It's when I get to the heel itself that I screw up royally. I guess I get
      > screwed up when it says to knit the stitch with the wrap. It seems when I do
      > that, I end up with a hole, so I have to be doing something wrong.
      > I'm currently working on Cat Bordhi's Baby Life Ring Socks, and I'm stuck at,
      > you guessed it, the heel...my baby-to-be cannot have socks that only cover his
      > toes, as much as I love looking at cute, pudgy baby feets...
      > http://www.catbordhi.com/documents/BabyLifeRingSocksWeb.pdf
      > Also, when it says to "purl next 2 stitches with wrap together," how do you do
      > that if you're supposed to go through the wrap & stitch together? I mean, talk
      > about a tight opening, I almost split my Fixation. So I have to wonder what I'm
      > doing wrong.
      > Please help! I'm going insane! And I'm determined to get a darn sock completed
      > (this would be my first, since I put down the socks I was making for myself
      > because I got messed up at, you guessed it, the heel...)
      > I can't be this much of a misfit, can I?
      > -Amy T
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