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183Re: [westloopsnb] A few things...

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  • Clara Clovenhoove
    Feb 25, 2008
      1. D'oh! I forgot too!
      2. Good!
      3. I think that ad hit a lot of groups - this definitely wasn't the only one! Don't beat yourself up too hard :-)

      pliss78 <p.a.liss@...> wrote:
      1 - I (along with Judy) forgot about the re-scheduled meeting last
      week. I apologize to anyone that went to Cafe Ciao and couldn't find

      2 - There is a reminder set-up for our regularly scheduled meetings
      (which occur the first Tuesday of each month). I hope we can all get
      back on track and get together on March 4th).

      3 - We've been getting a lot of spam lately. I'll try and modify the
      enrollment process to avoid the spammers (which oddly enough - are
      spamming about embroidery). If anyone wants to help moderate the
      Yahoo group please let me know.


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