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18Help with socks!

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  • Amy Taylor
    Sep 4, 2006
      I don't know why I just can't seem to get this...I know it can't be hard, as I see plenty of people make socks with their eyes closed, it seems. (*nudge nudge* Judy *nudge nudge*)

      I get to the heel turn...no problems, I can do the wrap stitch & turn just fine. It's when I get to the heel itself that I screw up royally. I guess I get screwed up when it says to knit the stitch with the wrap. It seems when I do that, I end up with a hole, so I have to be doing something wrong.

      I'm currently working on Cat Bordhi's Baby Life Ring Socks, and I'm stuck at, you guessed it, the heel...my baby-to-be cannot have socks that only cover his toes, as much as I love looking at cute, pudgy baby feets...


      Also, when it says to "purl next 2 stitches with wrap together," how do you do that if you're supposed to go through the wrap & stitch together? I mean, talk about a tight opening, I almost split my Fixation. So I have to wonder what I'm doing wrong.

      Please help! I'm going insane! And I'm determined to get a darn sock completed (this would be my first, since I put down the socks I was making for myself because I got messed up at, you guessed it, the heel...)

      I can't be this much of a misfit, can I?

      -Amy T

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