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2001 Marathon Press Release

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  • natebigdog_99
    2001 Marathon Press Release MaliVai Washington Kids Foundation Announces 4th Annual Verizon Wireless 24-Hour Tennis Marathon Mal Offers
    Message 1 of 36 , Feb 26, 2001
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      2001 Marathon Press Release<br><br>MaliVai
      Washington Kids Foundation Announces<br>4th Annual Verizon
      Wireless 24-Hour Tennis Marathon<br><br>Mal Offers
      Incentives for Die-hards to Play Full 24
      Hours<br><br>JACKSONVILLE, Florida � The MaliVai Washington Kids Foundation
      announced plans for its fourth annual Verizon Wireless
      (formerly PrimeCo) 24-Hour Tennis Marathon to be held 5
      p.m. Friday, March 9 through 5 p.m. Saturday, March
      10, 2001 at the UNF Tennis Complex off St. John�s
      Bluff Road .<br><br>The Marathon is a fundraiser for
      the Foundation where entrants raise pledges for
      tennis play. Last year�s Marathon drew close to 200
      entrants and over the past three years more than $60,000
      has been raised for Foundation programs.<br><br>With
      a minimum suggested pledge of $25, the event
      encourages anyone to sign-up to play tennis for an hour,
      regardless or age of skill level. Play is doubles format and
      includes men�s, women�s, mixed & juniors. There are
      special team challenges including Tennis Team, Junior
      Teams, High School Teams, Collegiate & Corporate
      Challenges. Prizes are awarded based on pledges raised,
      including team and individual prizes. <br><br><br>In what
      has become a Marathon tradition, MaliVai Washington
      has extended a challenge for those tennis enthusiasts
      willing to play the full 24 hours. He will match the
      pledges of anyone who accepts the challenge with a
      personal contribution. Last year, 14 tennis enthusiasts
      played the entire 24 hour.<br><br>In addition to hourly
      tennis matches, there will be activities for all ages
      including those who know nothing about tennis! Activities
      will include clinics (including Jacksonville�s largest
      tennis clinic for non-players through advanced players
      at 11am on Saturday sponsored by the First Coast
      Tennis Foundation) , exhibition matches (with MaliVai
      Washington, the UNF Tennis Teams, Wheelchair Tennis players)
      and more. The popular Media King of the Court
      Challenge will again take place on Saturday afternoon at
      1pm. Admission is free. For more information about the
      Verizon Wireless 24-Hour Tennis Marathon, please call
      (904) 247-1939.<br><br><br>Monies raised from the
      marathon support the ongoing efforts of the MaliVai
      Washington Kids Foundation to provide tennis and educational
      opportunities for youth that would otherwise not be exposed to
      the sport. Established by retired ATP tennis player
      MaliVai Washington in 1994, the MaliVai Washington Kids
      Foundation offers year-round tennis and educational programs
      implemented in conjunction with many youth organizations and
      independently throughout Jacksonville. The Foundation has
      reached more than 7,500 youth since beginning programs in
      1997.<br><br>Since the event�s inception four years ago, PrimeCo
      Personal Communications has been the proud title sponsor
      of the 24-Hour Tennis Marathon. PrimeCo, which is
      owned by AirTouch Communications and Bell Atlantic, is
      now known as Verizon Wireless and provides digital
      wireless service to more than 30 major cities in Alabama,
      Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Texas, Virginia and
      Wisconsin.<br><br>For More Information: Terri Florio, (904) 247-1939 or
      Kristy Myers, (904) 710-1556
    • Kris
      ... who like to play tennis. Anyone good enough to keep a rally going? Chris I usually play at either eagle harbor or the hard courts on 220. I m not
      Message 36 of 36 , Jul 18, 2005
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        --- In westjaxtennisclub@yahoogroups.com, sirhcj wrote:
        > Just moved here from New Hampshire and looking to find some friends
        who like to play tennis. Anyone good enough to keep a rally

        I usually play at either eagle harbor or the hard courts on 220. I'm
        not that great but good enough to play. I'm usually there after work
        on weekdays. Shoot me an email if you want a game..
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