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Weekly news, weeks 13 + 14 / 2002

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  • arso
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      Weekly News
      original french
      WEEKS 13+14

      - SADR
      - MOROCCO
      - INTERNET


      21.03.02: Mohamed Sidati, Minister counselor to the Presidency,
      accompanied by the representative for the Nordic Countries, met
      several officials from the Norwegian Department for Foreign Affairs.
      Norway is a non-permanent member of the Security Council. (Press
      release Norwegian Support Committee for Western
      Sahara)<http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Sahara-update/message/685> )

      24.03.02: SADR and the Republic of Malawi have decided to establish
      diplomatic relations at ambassadorial level. (SPS ) (SADR Radio

      25.03.02: Abdelkader Bensalah, President of the Algerian Popular
      National Assembly, reaffirmed "Algeria's support of the Saharawi
      people's cause ", during the audience he granted to a Saharawi
      delegation led by Salem Lebsir, President of the Saharawi National
      Council (Parliament), in the presence of Moulay Bouibat, President of
      the Saharawi Consultative Council. (SPS)

      25.03.02 The Polisario Front has re-established freedom of movement
      for UN military observers in the region, Minurso announced: "The
      restrictions imposed since January 2001 have been lifted." (agencies)

      Fourth Congress of the National Union of Saharawi Women (NUSW)
      600 congress participants, among them many guests from various
      countries, took part in the work. Under the theme "Saharawi women, a
      force for national independence and progress" workshops treated
      political, social and economic problems confronting Saharawi women,
      as well as human rights and cooperation. A new executive secretariat
      was elected and a new secretary general in the person of Fatma Sheik
      El Mehdi, at 35 years, she is the youngest ever elected to this post.
      A program of action was approved.
      Messages were sent by the congress to the following:
      - the European Parliament exhorting it to help find a peaceful
      resolution to the conflict
      - to UNICEF asking it to get involved in looking after Saharawi
      refugee children
      - to the international community asking it to require Morocco to
      "comply with international law and permit the Saharawi people to
      exercise its right to self-determination and independence"
      - to Moroccan women, to call them to "a sincere dialogue to find a
      solution to the conflict between SADR and the Kingdom of Morocco"
      - to Amnesty International and the International Red Cross to thank
      them for their work for prisoners and disappeared. (APS
      - to UNESCO calling for the protection of heritage archeological sites
      - to Kofi Annan confirming the support of Saharawi women for the referendum
      - to the Algerian people thanking for their support and confirming
      their determination to go forward to liberation and national
      sovereignty in order to contribute to the Maghreb Union.

      In a speech to the congress, the President of the Republic called the
      UN to organise the referendum of self-determination for the Saharawi
      people as soon as possible and to be aware of the dangers of Moroccan
      escalation. (APS)

      01.04.02: A large American delegation made up of 88 members
      representing the various American political tendencies - including
      Congress members, the chairman of the American committee for
      solidarity with our people, leaders of the various churches, doctors
      and intellectuals. (SADR Radio)
      <http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Sahara-update/message/702> )

      01.04.02 Ausserd camp: Representatives from American churches on
      Sunday dedicated their paschal prayer to the coming of peace and
      justice to Western Sahara and to the return of the refugees to a free
      and independent country. (SPS)


      01.03.02: The Moroccan Arabic language weekly Al Ayam published an
      interview with Brahim Dahhan, an ex-disappeared, ex-political
      prisoner and member of the Committee of Coordination of Saharawi
      Victims of Forced Disappearance and Arbitrary Detention. Asked about
      the last report of the Secretary General, Brahim Dahhan said he was
      in favour of the partition plan and in favour of a referendum of
      self-determination. He further emphasised that the Polisario Front is
      the sole representative of the Saharawi people.

      26.03.02: Morocco decided to release 120 million euros for the
      construction of 12 fishing villages on the coast of Western Sahara,
      which at present has six fishing villages, a big sardine port in El
      Ayoun and another in Dakhla. According to a Moroccan minister, it is
      a question of "an economic response" to "Algerian manoeuvres" aiming
      for the partition of Western Sahara. (AFP)
      There are an estimated 160,000 Moroccan seasonal fishermen on this coast.

      Access to international telephonic communications is finally possible
      from a fixed telephone in the Southern zone [Western Sahara]. (Le
      Reporter, Morocco, 29.03.02)

      Saharawi defectors have problems
      The (Moroccan) association for the grouping together of Saharawi
      families, has decided "to work for the placement of defectors won
      over to their homeland, into social and economic areas, to find
      solutions to the problems which oppose such placement and to
      establish a program of activities on a national and international
      level in the context of the national cause and the defence of
      territorial integrity." (Le Reporter, Morocco, 29.03.02)


      21.03.02 Sweden
      Full support for decolonisation of Western Sahara in the Swedish
      parliament (Utrikesutskottets betänkande 2001/02 :uu8)
      The foreign committee of the Swedish parliament in the debate on
      international issues on 21 March fully supports the motion by 6
      parties from last autumn. The Saharawi people have the right to
      decolonisation and selfdetermination. Sweden supports the Houston
      agreement. Sweden continues to support the Saharawi refugees and will
      work for an increase in the humanitarian assistance also from other
      countries, the foreign committee declares. (Press release Polisario
      representative to the Nordic Countries)

      24.03.02: Budapest: At its 51st Congress the Liberal International
      reaffirms its support for a referendum of self-determination in
      Western Sahara (Press statement F. Polisario)

      24.03.02: Leiden, The Netherlands: Foundation of the Dutch Section of
      the International Association of Jurists for Western Sahara.(Press
      statement of the Polisario Front Representation in The Netherlands)
      <http://www.arso.org/FPNL240302.htm>)(Press release by Pedro Pinto
      Leite, Member of the International Council of IAJUWS)

      26.03.02, The Hague, the Saharawi coordinator with the United
      Nations, M'hamed Khaddad, affirmed in The Hague that the referendum
      of self-determination remains "the only acceptable solution" for
      Western Sahara, while assuring that if this does not happen a return
      to arms would be inevitable. (SPS)

      27.03.02: The Hague: The ambassador of Morocco in the Netherlands did
      not consider it useful to answer positively the invitation from the
      departments of international law of the Dutch universities in Leiden,
      in Utrecht and in Amsterdam, which wanted to organize an academic
      debate around the conflict of Western Sahara in presence of the
      Saharawi and Moroccan protagonists. (Press statement by the Polisario
      representative in The Netherlands. (declaration of the Polisario
      Front Representation in The Netherlands)

      27.03.02: Beirut: Meeting between the King Mohamed VI and Kofi Annan.
      The talks had bearing on the future of Western Sahara. (agencies)

      22.03.02, Brussels: The Belgian Minister of National Defence denied,
      in a reply to the letter of Pierre Galand (see week 10 / 2002)
      <http://www.arso.org/01-e02-10.htm#Ancragega>, any participation in
      the training of Moroccan crews on military F-16 aeroplanes.

      Morocco pursues its diplomatic offensive to defend the third way,
      namely a pseudo-autonomy for the Saharawis within Morocco. Advisers
      close to the King and government ministers have been sent to Oslo,
      Moscow, Dublin, Peking, Sofia, Damascus, Mauritius, the Cameroon,
      Guinea and Mexico. These special envoys were bearers of a message
      from the King of Morocco. Mohamed VI himself will travel to
      Washington at the end of this month. (Overview by Western sahara
      Online) <http://www.wsahara.net/02/morcamp02.html>


      25.03.02: Open letter <http://www.arso.org/DHSa2002e.htm> to the 58th
      session of the UN Commission on Human Rights in Geneva by Saharawi
      Human Rights Defenders. They appeal for the appointment of a special
      rapporteur on the situation in the occupied territories and the
      setting up of a committee responsible for establishing the truth on
      repression and the crimes committed by Morocco since its occupation
      of the territory in 1975.

      26.03.02, Geneva, Place des Nations: Meeting of solidarity with
      disappeared Saharawis in front of UN headquarters where the UN
      Commission on Human Rights is based. (Statement from BIRDHSO French)

      28.03.02: Prisoners of war: In a letter to the Swiss government in
      Bern, Morocco asked, as the depository of the Geneva Convention of
      1949 dealing with the fate of prisoners of war, to intervene with
      Algeria in order to obtain the release of the1362 remaining Moroccan
      prisoners of war held by Polisario. A copy of this letter was sent to
      the 171 state signatories of these Conventions. "We will support the
      efforts to be made and those already made by the ICRC and the UNHCR",
      a spokesperson for the Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated.


      A mission from the UN High Commission for Refugees will go on 10-11
      April next to the Saharawi refugee camps in Tindouf. Representatives
      from the European Union, the World Food Program (WFP/PAM), as well as
      several diplomats accredited in Algeria, will be part of the trip.
      This mission will be followed by a meeting of donors in Geneva. (SPS)


      21-24.03.02 Boycott of tourism to Morocco
      On the annual Fair on Tourism on 21-24 March in Gothenburg, Göteborgs
      Afrikagrupps Västsaharagrupp as usual distributed a couple of
      thousands of pamphlets urging the visitors not to go to Morocco owing
      to the occupation of Western Sahara. The fair is the biggest in
      northern Europe.

      Petition to Slovenian Government

      19-26.03.02: Semaine de solidarité avec le peuple sahraoui (suite)
      Cette semaine, organisée par le Comité national algérien de
      solidarité avec le peuple sahraoui, a vu de nombreuses manifestations
      (meetings populaires, expositions, spectacles divers) ont eu
      lieu,mises en place par des associations locales (Hussein Dey
      (Alger), Annaba, Oum el-Bouaghi, Naama, Bechar, Skikda, etc. La
      semaine s'est terminée par la signature d'un protocole d'accord de
      coopération et de partenariat entre les villes d'Alger et d'El-Ayoun

      27.03.02, Huesca: Acuerdo de hermamiento de la ciudad de Huesca en
      Aragon con una de las wilayas de la RASD.

      - ¿«Cuarta Vía» en el Sáhara Occidental?, Carlos Ruiz Miguel
      (versiones en gallego y castellano) <http://www.saharagalicia.org>

      - Deutscher Bundestag, 14. Wahlperiode, 06. 11. 2001, Drucksache
      14/7278, Antwort der Bundesregierung auf die Kleine Anfrage der
      Abgeordneten Carsten Hübner, Heidi Lippmann, Wolfgang Gehrcke und der
      Fraktion der PDS (Humanitäre Hilfe und entwicklungspolitische
      Zusammenarbeit für die Flüchtlinge aus der Westsahara)

      - Radio France International: Débat africain (sur le Sahara
      Occidental, avec la participation de Mohamed Habiballah), RFI,

      - Letting Western Sahara settle its future, The Commission should not
      allow the forfeiture of the territory's right to self-determination,
      Voice of the Asia-Pacific Human Rights Network (A joint initiative of
      South Asia Human Rights Documentation Centre (SAHRDC, B-6/6
      Safdarjung Enclave Extension, New Delhi 110 029, India) and Human
      Rights Documentation Centre (HRDC, 2013 S. Compton Avenue St. Louis,
      MO 63104 USA), Geneva, 18 March 2002 - 26 April 2002.
      <http://www.hrdc.net/sahrdc/hrfchr58/issue2.htm#Letting Western>

      - Nuevas actualizaciones de la web «Avanzar en la Solidaridad para/
      con el Pueblo Saharaui» <http://aspsweb.org>

      [External links to newspapers may not be valid after some days
      because the servers are restarted]
      - Campagne pour les disparus du Sahara, Le Courrier, Genève, 26.03.02.
      - Nouvelles sahraouies, bulletin du Comité suisse de soutien au
      peuple sahraoui, Genève, No 103, mars 2002, 16p.
      - Sahara Info, bulletin de l'Association des Amis de la RASD, Paris,
      No 117, janv.-févr.-mars 2002, 16 p.
      - Situation des droits de l'homme - Sahara Occidental, Défenseurs des
      droits de l'homme sahraouis, El Ayoun, 29.03.02.

      - Sahara Update mailinglist
      - Sahrawi survivor tells of torture in secret camps, Florence Beaugé,
      The Guardian Weekly, 21.03.02, page 25. translation of an article
      published in Le Monde, 14.03.02.
      - Conditions in Western Saharan refugee camps worsen as exile
      lengthens, food aid wanes, UNHCR News, 29.03.02.
      - Western Sahara: What Next? Pieternel Gruppen, Radio Netherlands
      Wereldomroep, 29.03.02.
      - On a medical mission, Cynthia T. Pegram, The News & Advance,
      Lynchburg Virginia (USA), 02.04.02.

      - Revista de la prensa española de la semana:
      - Noticias de prensa, Recopilación semanal de todos los articulos de
      la prensa de España:
      - Veintiséis años de arena y olvido, BBC Mundo, 27.02.02.
      Sahara Occidental: radiografía
      Annan: dividir para salvar el fracaso
      El tesón de la mujer saharaui
      Imágenes del olvido
      - Momentos decisivos en el conflicto saharaui, Carla Fibla, El Aaiún,
      La Vanguardia, Barcelona, 26.03.02.
      - "Sáhara Occidental. La guerra olvidada", Lluís Cánovas Martí,
      Revista Clío nº 6 (abril 2002), p. 26-32.
      - Emakunde, en el Congreso de Mujeres Saharauis, Nekane Lauzirika,
      Deia, Bilbao, 26.03.02.
      - El Polisario volverá a las armas si no hay referéndum en el
      Sahara, La ONU debe tomar una decisión a finales de abril, La Opinion
      de Tenerife, 27.03.02.
      - Rabat prevé 120 meuros para crear 12 pueblos de pescadores en el
      Sahara, La Provincia, 27.03.02.
      - Por una nueva entente con Marruecos, Jorge Hernández Mollar,
      eurodiputado del PP y vicepresidente de la Delegación para el
      Mashrek, La Razón digital. Opinión. 29.03.02.
      - Reivindicar el Sahara, José Antonio Bravo, Colpisa/Madrid, Sur,
      29.03.02. <http://www.diariosur.es/diario/suscr/nacionf08.htm>)
      - Retrato de una tiranía norteafricana, Félix Pastor, Libertad
      Digital, 01.04.02.
      - 'Memoria del Sáhara', Julia Castillo y Ramón Mayrata
      (coordinadores), Fundación Municipal de Cultura de Valladolid y
      Círculo de Bellas Artes de Madrid, Valladolid-Madrid, 2002, 288
      páginas. (Catálogo de la exposición "Memorias del Sáhara").
      - Situacion de los derechos humanos en el Sahara Occidental,
      Defensores saharauis de los derechos humanos, El Ayun, 29.03.02.

      - Sahara-Info, Bulletin des Schweiz. Unterstützungskomitees für die
      Sahraouis, Bern, Nr. 82, März 2002, 8 p.

      A R S O
      Association de soutien a un referendum libre et regulier au Sahara Occidental
      Address: cp 2229 CH-2800 DELEMONT 2
      E-mail: mailto:arso@... URL: http://www.arso.org
      Tel.:+41 32 422 87 17 Fax: +41 32 422 87 01
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