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Seeking Contact with Randal Gustitis

Randal, I have tried contacting you on Facebook and at your Brwyn Mawr College email addy and have not gotten a response. If you are on this list please
Oct 31, 2016

More Info on the Stav Workshop at Gallowglass Academy

Here is an updated schedule for the Stav training in September. http://stavcamp.org/usasept16.html Allen
Jul 24, 2016

Re: Rv: greetings from venezuela

Yes, sorry been busy since I got back from CombatCon. Am going on the road for three weeks. I will get back to you when I get home next month. Allen ... From:
Jul 23, 2016

Rv: greetings from venezuela

Hey Allen did you get this email?
Bruno Cruicchi
Jul 21, 2016
Bruno Cruicchi
Jul 16, 2016

Re: Stav Workshop at Gallowglass Academy

Hi Allen It was good to see you after so many years.Sorry,I didnt recognize you at first in the restaurant,it was actually very embarassing to me,when you
Bruno Cruicchi
Jul 16, 2016

Stav Workshop at Gallowglass Academy

Gallowglass Academy (in Leaf River, IL 30 miles from Rockford, IL) will be hosting a two day Stav workshop instructed by Graham Butcher on September 10 - 11,
Jul 16, 2016


I am shocked to hear this news.  What a hole is left in the world now that he is gone.  Like many others, I too have experienced his openness in sharing
Woodland Archery
Jun 8, 2016

Re: Passing of Ken Pfrenger

I am so shocked at this news. I never met Ken in person but back in the day, right at the start of the whole WMA movement, we exchanged a few emails and bits
Terry Brown
Jun 7, 2016

Re: Digest Number 4585

RIP Ken Pfrenger, wehad many great conversations both here and elsewhere. Christopher Scott ThompsonFreelance Writer and Historical Swordsmanship Instructor
Chris Thompson
Jun 7, 2016

Re: Passing of Ken Pfrenger

I hadn't heard. I'm still reeling from the news. I keep writing things and erasing them. Nothing really would do Ken justice. I had the honor and joy of
Jun 6, 2016

Re: Passing of Ken Pfrenger

Terrible news. I was looking forward to his classes at CombatCon next month. The HEMA community lost one of its best. On Mon, Jun 6, 2016 at 6:52 PM
Adam Sroka
Jun 6, 2016

Passing of Ken Pfrenger

For any member of this group who has not heard the news the founder and long time moderator of this list serve, Ken Pfrenger, has passed away recently quite
Jun 6, 2016

Re: Make or Break date for International Pugilism Symposium

I'm going to get mine and Bonnies in this week. Bruce ... From: "baronaoc@... [western-arts]" To:
bruce aller
Mar 30, 2016

Re: Make or Break date for International Pugilism Symposium

Details can be found at www.gallowglassacademy.org Allen ... From: Adam Sroka adam.sroka@... [western-arts] To:
Mar 30, 2016
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