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    Revealed: The truth about big-spending Republicans by Bill Winter The only way to kill a vampire, according to folklore, is to drive a wooden stake through its
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2003
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      Revealed: The truth about big-spending Republicans

      by Bill Winter

      The only way to kill a vampire, according to folklore, is to drive a
      wooden stake through its heart.

      Heeding that advice, it's time to drive a factual stake through the
      myth that Republicans are fiscally "conservative." That is, that
      Democrats are big spenders, while Republicans try to curb the cost of

      For some, it's a seductive myth. Some vote for Republicans when
      there's no alternative candidate on the ballot. Some vote Republican
      to keep a "worse" Democrat from winning. (For example, voting for
      George W. Bush to block Al Gore.) And, sadly, some join the
      Republicans to have "more of an impact" on the political process.

      Alas, all those strategies accomplish is to elect more Republicans,
      who then get into office and spend like Democrats. No, wait: Who spent
      more than Democrats.

      That's right: According to a report in USA Today, "Republicans, who
      pride themselves on being frugal with taxpayers' money, were bigger
      spenders than Democrats in state legislatures over the past five

      USA Today reporter Dennis Cauchon crunched the budgets of all 50
      states (1997-2002). He found that in states where Republicans
      controlled both houses of the legislature, spending rose 6.54% per
      year. When Democrats dominated, spending rose only 6.17%.

      That difference -- .37% -- may not seem like much. But since the 50
      state governments spent $983 billion in 2002, that difference will add
      up to tens of billions of extra dollars being sucked out of taxpayers'
      wallets and purses by free-spending Republicans.

      Here's the GOP's most shameful secret: Republican-controlled
      legislatures spent the most when their state also had a Republican
      governor. So, when they are not constrained by, ahem, frugal
      Democrats, Republicans spend tax dollars at a pace that makes even
      Socialists salivate.

      Republican extravagance would be bad enough if it were confined to the
      states. But it's not. It's also happening at the federal level, thanks
      to a Republican president, a Republican-controlled House, and a
      Republican-controlled Senate.

      According to the Washington Post, federal spending increased by 22%
      from 1999 to 2003 -- "the biggest increase in government spending
      since the 1960's Great Society." Keep in mind: The GOP controlled
      Congress all four of those years, and the presidency for two.

      From 2001 to 2002 alone, with President Bush at the helm, federal
      spending increased by 7% -- "or almost twice the spending rate under
      Bill Clinton," noted Stephen Moore [The Washington Times, May 16,
      2001]. "If Republicans allow the budget to grow at twice the rate it
      did under Clinton," he wrote, "many conservatives are going to start
      asking: What are Republicans good for?"

      Good question.

      Let me summarize, so everyone will understand: As a rule, Republican
      politicians spend more of your tax dollars than do Democrats.

      So, when it comes to spending, Republicans are not Libertarians with
      the dial turned down to seven. They are Democrats with the dial turned
      up to eleven.

      Anyone who says otherwise is, well, mything the truth about Republicans.

      Source: LP News

      Archive: http://www.liberty-news.com/newsletter.html
      - "If the price I must pay for my freedom is to acknowledge that the
      government was granted the power to infringe on them, then I am not
      free." --Paul Anderson

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