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  • Fred Mangels
    From: forest.baker@comcast.net Subject: Gary Johnson at Santa Clara University on Friday December 9th To: forest baker
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 8, 2011
      From: forest.baker@... <forest.baker@...>
      Subject: Gary Johnson at Santa Clara University on Friday December 9th
      To: "forest baker" <forest.baker@...>
      Date: Thursday, December 8, 2011, 11:38 AM

      *Fred Foldvary*
      *President, the Civil Society Institute of Santa Clara University*
      will host a discussion regarding
      with GOP presidential candidate
      *Governor Gary Johnson*

      In the *1st-floor foyer* of the
      *Arts & Sciences building, *
      *Santa Clara University*
      *Friday 9 Dec. 2011*
      *7:00 P.M.*
      * *
      *This is a free event. The public is invited.*
      For a map of the Santa Clara University Campus, see:
      Arts & Sciences is Bldg #804, on the north side of campus.

      *Gary Johnson* turned a one-man handyman business into a successful,
      multi-million dollar enterprise. In his two terms as governor of New
      Mexico, he vetoed more bills (~750 with only about 2 overridden) than the
      other 49 governors combined. He has proposed sending a balanced federal
      budget to Congress in 2013, with no tax increases, and to veto all
      expenditures exceeding revenue. He would bring home the troops and
      strengthen America�s national defense.
      *Fred E. Foldvary* received his Ph.D. in economics from George Mason
      University. He has taught economics at many universities including Santa
      Clara University, currently. Foldvary is the author of *The Soul of Liberty
      *, *Public Goods and Private Communities*, and *Dictionary of Free Market
      Economics *. He edited and contributed to *Beyond Neoclassical
      Economics*and, with Dan Klein,
      *The Half-Life of Policy Rationales*. Foldvary's areas of research include
      public finance, governance, ethical philosophy, and land economics.

      Come see Gary Johnson discuss serious issues on taxation with Professor
      Fred Foldvary.

      For more info contact:

      Forest Baker, CA Coordinator,
      Patrick T. Peterson, SF Bay Area Friends of Liberty (BAFL) -
      PatrickPeterson@... <http://mc/compose?to=PatrickPeterson@...>


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