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Money For Ron Paul Candidates!

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  • Y. Kelly
    The phenomenal success of Ron s The Revolution: A Manifesto implies that perhaps US voters are ready to make radical changes in who they elect this November,
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2008
      The phenomenal success of Ron's "The Revolution: A Manifesto" implies
      that perhaps US voters are ready to make radical changes in who they
      elect this November, not just for president and congress, but for state
      legislatures, county commissions and city councils. We are fed up and
      want changes now.

      There are hundreds of real, libertarian-minded "Ron Paul Candidates" who
      lack the money to mount effective campaigns against their well-funded
      "establishment" opponents. However, there is a source for financial
      campaign help: Ron Paul.

      We Revolutionaries have been exceedingly generous -- giving over $34
      million to Ron's presidential campaign and over $1,049,000 for his
      congressional primary, which he won by a landslide. Ron is unopposed in
      the general election, so he has already won his seat. In reviewing the
      latest FEC reports, I notice that there is over $500K left in the
      congressional campaign AND that Ron has donated money to candidates such
      as Jim Forsythe in NH (who has since dropped out), Paul Broun in GA,
      Walter Jones in NC, Murray Sabrin in NJ and others. Ron's Liberty PAC
      also has several thousand dollars.

      So, why shouldn't any libertarian candidate ask for Ron's help? I can't
      think of a reason why. My understanding is that all you need to do is
      fill out an application and ASK FOR IT. Tom Lizardo, Ron's chief of
      staff in the DC congressional office is responsible for their review
      and approval/disapproval.

      Ron's book has thrown fuel on the Revolutionary fire and it's blazing
      hot again. Now is the time for the Revolution's other candidates to
      step up and ask Ron for financial help. You can contact Tom Lizardo at
      202-225-2831, e-mail: tom.lizardo@...

      Get the process started ASAP. What have you got to lose? We need you on
      the campaign trail fighting for what we believe in.

      Thank you for all you do.
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