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Fw: It's time to get real!

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  • Carol Moore in dc
    Send the LP money...for one thing, Geoff Neale can t replace Bill Winter as LPNEWS editor until they raise enough money to pay off what he is owed in vacation
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2002
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      Send the LP money...for one thing, Geoff Neale can't replace Bill Winter
      as LPNEWS editor until they raise enough money to pay off what he is
      owed in vacation pay, etc. that they'd failed to account for over the
      last few years. (Note: Dasbach also has been let go and the LP is
      looking for a new National Director. Resumes to Chair@...
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      From: Libertarian Party Announcements
      To: announce@...: Wednesday, September 25, 2002 5:46
      PMSubject: It's time to get real!

      Dear Fellow Libertarian:

      It's time to GET REAL.

      In July, I was elected as your Chairman at the National Convention in
      Indianapolis. I won the election against two very dedicated, honorable
      and experienced Libertarians.

      I don't think I won because I'm better looking, or because I'm more
      charismatic. I think I won because my message struck a chord with our
      membership. That message was simple: It's time to get real.

      This is my first opportunity to speak to you directly, so this message
      will be direct and to the point. No hype. No empty promises. No
      utopian visions.

      I'm a business guy, and I tend to be blunt. I can fix many of the
      problems that face us, but not without your help.

      My experience has shown me that people can only be motivated by two
      basic things: fear of loss -- or hope for gain. I want to motivate
      you to donate to the LP like never before, and I'll give you both of
      these motivations.

      We need $300,000 to set things in motion. Until we've raised that
      amount, things will continue to be business as usual. The longer it
      takes to raise $300,000, the longer it will take us to implement the
      improvements the LP desperately needs.

      Right now, we are about $200,000 in the red. Fundraising has been
      down, for many reasons. The convention revenues did not meet
      expectations, mostly because attendance was significantly less than
      expected. And quite frankly, we've just been spending more money than
      we've been taking in.

      Unfortunately, the LP has not been immune to the general fluctuations
      in the economy. In the '90's, the party was thriving. Now we are
      experiencing financial challenges, as are many organizations, profit
      and non-profit.

      Yes, two hundred thousand dollars is a lot of money. In fact, it's
      probably the equivalent of the average American family trying to deal
      with an unexpected expense of about $5,000. It's serious, but it's not
      fatal. We just need to tighten our belts, raise the funds, and work
      through it.

      The quicker we raise the money, the quicker we can get back on track.
      It's just that simple.

      We've been in similar situations before. We've always worked through
      them. I'm confident we'll pull through this one. However, this is a
      pattern I want to break. I never want to see us in a situation like
      this again.

      I've already started to institute cost reductions. Reductions in staff
      have been made, and we will begin to see savings on an ongoing basis.
      And, we're looking for more opportunities to save even more. I will
      continually look for ways to minimize expenses and maximize revenues.
      This is NOT a one-time review - it will be constant and ongoing.

      But what about the other $100,000 I'm asking for?

      The National HQ Staff has been working with inadequate systems.
      Because the systems are inadequate, our staff spends unreasonable
      amounts of time working around them. Since many reports have to be
      compiled manually through lengthy and error-prone processes, the
      National Committee is negatively impacted in obtaining timely reports
      necessary to directing the objectives and priorities of the staff.
      Staff is negatively impacted because the workarounds take time away
      from their primary purpose - political activity and affiliate support.
      Expenses are negatively impacted because of maintenance costs to the
      existing systems. It's the proverbial vicious cycle.

      I have solutions for these problems.

      We have already purchased a new accounting system that will provide
      much better reporting and oversight capabilities, with a much reduced
      need for staff time. Now all we have to do is take the time to convert
      to it. This will take some money, because we do not have software
      experts on staff.

      Our current membership system is much too costly. It requires
      significant maintenance to keep it running, does not provide all of the
      functionality that we need, and is severely restricted in its ability
      to provide us with the growth capacity we need. And, it simply takes
      too much of our staff time to utilize and maintain.

      We have selected an off-the-shelf replacement system that will cost
      about $30,000 to purchase, plus about $50,000 for installation,
      conversion and training. This system will not only reduce time and
      money spent on an ongoing basis, but will give us orders of magnitude
      improvements in capabilities.

      Also, this new system will be available not only for the National HQ
      staff, but it will be made available to the state and local affiliates
      of the LP in a phased implementation.

      It is my estimate that these system changes will improve the
      effectiveness and quality of our staff services, and result in an
      approximate savings of $5,000 a month in our actual costs. These are
      the savings just at the National level. I haven't even begun to
      estimate how much time and money this implementation will save our
      State and Local affiliates, but the numbers could very well be huge.

      Monthly savings of $5,000 from an investment of $100,000 is a good
      deal. That is a great return on investment.

      We will institute these system changes, regardless of how much money
      you donate today. But it will still take about $300,000 total to
      implement these changes. How quickly we realize these savings is all
      up to you. The more you send now, the sooner we can deliver.

      My end goal is to spend far less on administration, and far more on
      political activity, while providing great affiliate support. It's why
      we're here.

      Please send me a message. Tell me you want more straight talk, and no
      more hype! Tell me you want results and not promises.

      Send your donation now, and help me make these simple, basic, boring
      things happen. Help me put the party in good financial shape so that
      all we need to concentrate on is gaining liberty.

      To contribute online, please click here:

      [click on the dot to make sure it takes!!! C.M.]
      I can't do this alone - I need your help. It's time to GET REAL.

      Yours in Liberty,

      Geoffrey Neale
      Libertarian Party Chair

      P.S.: I also have a personal goal at stake here. Once we've raised
      this $300,000, and we've improved the systems upon which we depend, and
      paid off the debts we've incurred, I never again want to send you a
      request to get us out of trouble. I never again want to ask you to
      correct another mistake. Instead, every future fundraiser you receive
      will be an appeal to help achieve ever increasing numbers of
      Libertarian victories. Please help me make this personal goal a

      To contribute online, please click here:


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