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Urge The Governor To Void The Power Contracts

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  • fredtyg
    From: Ted Costa Reply-To: Ted Costa Subject: Urge Gov. Davis to void power contracts Dear California
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 5, 2002
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      From: "Ted Costa" <liberty@...>
      Reply-To: "Ted Costa" <liberty@...>
      Subject: Urge Gov. Davis to void power contracts

      Dear California Ratepayer:
      California's electric power contracts, presently overcharging
      more than $14 billion, should be voided due to a clear violation of
      state's conflict of interest statute. Please go to
      ConservativePetitions.com to see how Governor Gray Davis has the
      opportunity and ability to do something great for our state. Here's

      A lawsuit has been filed to void the contracts, but Gov. Davis can act
      quickly and pave the way for new negotiations -- if he wants to.
      where you can help. Please encourage him to do what's right and act
      decisively to void these flawed contracts. Please sign the petition to
      Gov. Davis, then email everyone you know to warn them about this great
      opportunity to brighten California's future.

      Ted Costa

      P.S. It only will take a little time to help avoid years of inflated
      rates. Act now to flood the Governor's Office with petitions. The
      address to read and sign the petition is:
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