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Re: [west_coast_derby_gallery] Re: Turlock Derby

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  • carl mikkelsen
    Don t know. I have to ask treasurer ... From: kurtis vanfoeken Subject: Re: [west_coast_derby_gallery] Re: Turlock Derby To:
    Message 1 of 77 , Dec 1, 2008
      Don't know. I have to ask treasurer

      --- On Thu, 11/27/08, kurtis vanfoeken <vnfkn@...> wrote:
      From: kurtis vanfoeken <vnfkn@...>
      Subject: Re: [west_coast_derby_gallery] Re: Turlock Derby
      To: west_coast_derby_gallery@yahoogroups.com
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      Date: Thursday, November 27, 2008, 4:50 PM

      hey  carl did the guy that go second  place in the mini cars   give back the extra money the lions club gave him to shut up  the guy that got third did

      --- On Thu, 11/27/08, troytagvtown <troytagvtown@ yahoo.com> wrote:
      From: troytagvtown <troytagvtown@ yahoo.com>
      Subject: [west_coast_ derby_gallery] Re: Turlock Derby
      To: west_coast_derby_ gallery@yahoogro ups.com
      Date: Thursday, November 27, 2008, 3:30 PM

      people only get excessive if they think they can get away with it....
      dutch holland is a good example..it was a mad house last yr...
      if you have a simple rule like welded stock bumpers, with stock
      brackets,then thats that...being consistant help everyone...red bluff
      and yuba have descent, stock rules...and guess what everyone knows
      come stock..or thell tell ya sorry..NO go!!and they have the balls to
      cut after the main..do they miss some?yes..but they are consistant
      and fair..
      hardnosers will rule with rules like turlock..they dont need a front
      bumper...and if you do run one, youd better be preped to loose it the
      first, if not the 2nd night..tearing up 1500.00 cars in 1 run is not
      for the normal derby guys...$$$$$ $$
      i can understand why stock rules like turlock come about.. and its
      good for the sport that they flourish..with cars and attendance..

      --- In west_coast_derby_ gallery@yahoogro ups.com, mojodaniels@ ...
      > Brandon, hopefully you werent talking about me. Sorry I wasnt
      there, but there are more important things in life. If Carl will have
      me, I'll be back next year with two frame cameras. I dont agree with
      bumper swapping.
      > You have to run what comes on the car. Welding them, Ok. But as you
      and I know, people get excessive, just to push the issue. You push in
      the 5's and weld them, weld brackets (stock) on the frame and to
      brackets to bumper. Thats it. NO making brackets or chevy brackets on
      a lincoln and so on. You and I both know why we put chevy rear
      brackets on the front of the lincolns. Next year at Colusa, will be
      no, bracket modification, either you bend it or take it off. The lins
      are soft in the front if you dont weld/piece or modify a chevy bumper
      > At Colusa, our scorer only watch one car and score that car. Each
      car in the arena has a scorer. These people get specnial seating and
      know a little about derbing, but like doing it. It seemed to work out
      as far as we were conserned.
      > Anyways, My partial cent worth.
      > JD 
      > --- On Thu, 11/27/08, brandon holt <brandon_missy@ ...> wrote:
      > From: brandon holt <brandon_missy@ ...>
      > Subject: [west_coast_ derby_gallery] Re: Turlock Derby
      > To: west_coast_derby_ gallery@yahoogro ups.com
      > Date: Thursday, November 27, 2008, 12:41 PM
      > I dont think I ever said anything about about not running turlock
      > because I dont have the cars. I dont run the first night because
      > stupid way they score the first night. It dont mater how you do, it
      > just maters if the scorers were paying attention to you.
      > Also just because you dont win, dosent mean you got your a$$ kicked.
      > The only thing I was talking about was the tech. And I did not mean
      > anything to be personal towards Carl. I just want all derbies to
      > some dependable and honest techs. Turlock has been better than alot
      > of derbies in the past. But this last year alot got through.
      > I feel that they should lift the ban on all imperials. Why ban 66
      > older imps when 67-73 are just as good. In 2003 I ran the entire
      > season at Watsonville and out of 7 derbies a 66 and older imp one
      > eventhough there was a handfull at every derby. I won one in a
      > cordoba with only kickers and arch plates.
      > I wish turlock would let you weld and swap bumpers. This would give
      > other cars a lot better chance. Bumper may be welded to bumper
      > brackets. Bumper brackets may be welded to frames. No fillers or
      > added material, No bumper seem welding. 5mph bumper may be
      > using 3"x 14"x 1/2" Maximum, square tubing only, welded on outside
      > frame only. Not on top, bottom, inside or stuffed in frame!
      > --- In west_coast_derby_ gallery@yahoogro ups.com, "crashcabral"
      > <markcabral@ ...> wrote:
      > >
      > > Hey Brandon why dont you and your brothers bring your Imperials
      > > Turlock instead of running them at other derbies,you guys had 3
      > them
      > > in sonora and 2 in Woodland.Why are you complaining that you cant
      > > afford to buy them because we pay to much for them.You have the
      > cars
      > > you just choose to take them somwhere else.Bring what you got and
      > lets
      > > get it on have some fun thats what it all about.You guys won 5 in
      > row
      > > and as soon as you guys get your ass kicked you dont want to come
      > out
      > > and play anymore,its not fair.If you would have got your car done
      > that
      > > year it would have helped your brothers but they were out
      > > numbered.Maybe me and a couple of guys will build some Imperials
      > and
      > > come play with you guys in Sonora and see what happens.Have a
      > > Thanksgiving.
      > >

    • Troy Lea
      Carl it was in the MAIN. Im pretty sure I was first or second considering I sat so long and still placed 4th with 3 or 4 cars still running.
      Message 77 of 77 , Jul 24, 2011
        Carl it was in the MAIN. Im pretty sure I was first or second considering I sat so long and still placed 4th with 3 or 4 cars still running.

        From: carl mikkelsen <lionsderby@...>
        To: west_coast_derby_gallery@yahoogroups.com
        Sent: Sunday, July 24, 2011 7:38 AM
        Subject: Re: [west_coast_derby_gallery] Re: Turlock Derby

        how do you know you were first in points? I don't know who is ahead till they add up.  those heats usually run 7-8 mins.  4-5 mins seems a long time.  Maybe that was good. You still transfered, only $75 less than winning, and didn't tear the car up so bad for the main.

        From: Troy Lea <cptcrunch077@...>
        To: "west_coast_derby_gallery@yahoogroups.com" <west_coast_derby_gallery@yahoogroups.com>
        Sent: Sat, July 23, 2011 5:25:49 PM
        Subject: Re: [west_coast_derby_gallery] Re: Turlock Derby

        I got black flagged in the main in 2009 for a off the throttle hands off the steering wheel drivers door shot on Mike Hobby by Donny Kelso still kinda irritates me cause I was 1st in points at the time of the flag. I sat for like 4 or 5 mins with 4 cars running and still finished 4th.

        From: carl mikkelsen <lionsderby@...>
        To: west_coast_derby_gallery@yahoogroups.com
        Sent: Friday, July 22, 2011 10:09 AM
        Subject: Re: [west_coast_derby_gallery] Re: Turlock Derby

        Does anyone remember the last person to get black flagged for a drivers door?  this year my daughter ran in the 80's class. I asked a fat boy to come and watch that I flagged right. Everyone bitched about him "getting in there".  My kids won't drive again. I have a Cordoba for sale.

        From: Shawnesti <missshawnesti@...>
        To: west_coast_derby_gallery@yahoogroups.com
        Sent: Thu, July 21, 2011 9:02:06 PM
        Subject: [west_coast_derby_gallery] Re: Turlock Derby

        Turlock derby has not been running a fair show for some years now. I really don't think it has to do with special donations, the officials have their own favorites. My family donates money every year, and I don't get special treatment. The officials allow please to team me every year I have ran. Again this year certain people were allowed to have certain things that others couldn't have. I have always had issues with the conflict of interest stuff that goes on. I don't think it's right to have a immediate family member of a promoter/official run the derby. The official should not participate in any part of the derby, if a family member is a driver. I think all drivers want right now is a fair and clean shows, leaves the politics to the guys in Sacramento and don't bring corruption to our sport!

        --- In west_coast_derby_gallery@yahoogroups.com, "kelly_mariep20" <cornygiggles@...> wrote:
        > I think all the BullSmack going around about the Turlock derby is just
        > stupid and hilarious. For officials to put double standards on who can
        > have what and who is allowed to get away with shit is just unbelievable!
        > The fact that I personally have emailed LC people and them basically
        > confirming that they can not disclose how much is being "donated" by
        > certain individuals, including one that I will refer to as "mister cry
        > baby" through out this post, is pure bullsmack. Their words and I quote
        > " We are not allowed to disclose information on special donations that
        > come in." I don't know about y'all but to me that just doesn't sound
        > right. How much in "special" donations do i have to put up for the game
        > to become fair as it used to be back in the day? This was my 5th year
        > attending and things have only gone down hill do to "Mister Cry Baby".
        > First he wants to complain about everyone else car but his cars also had
        > shit that shouldn't of been and no one bitched about his car. In
        > addition, "Mister Cry Baby" takes the time to go to everyone's car and
        > look for shit to bitch about? Um excuse me is that not the officials
        > job. Then the announcer specifically states that driver door hits will
        > receive black flags yet he never got shit for hitting drivers doors,
        > granted others hit driver doors too i'll admit to that yes, but that
        > could basically be "his move" cause that's all he does. He's allowed to
        > team up and gang up on others but when two others decide to gang up on
        > him, he decides to be "mister cry baby" and just hop out of his car
        > DURING the heat cause he cant stand to lose. That's bullsmack and not
        > allowed. I was under the understanding that drivers are not allowed out
        > of cars unless the heat is over or red flags are up. WHY IS HE SPECIAL!
        > Upon getting out of his car DURING the heat he should of been
        > disqualified from all remaining heats, as should any one that decides to
        > pull a "mister cry baby" move like that. Why is one individual getting
        > special treatment?

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