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Are you washed in his blood and sanctified? If not,repentand wash!

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  • charlesfinney_9
    *WHAT IF JESUS COMES TONIGHT?,ARE YOU READY?: We really need to ask this question to ourselves. The BIBLE clearly says Jesus will come At any moment like a
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2002
      We really need to ask this question to ourselves.
      The BIBLE clearly says Jesus will come At any moment like a thief in
      the night.
      Then,we really dont know when we will die either.

      So,it is ALL IMPORTANT we know our state of readiness to either meet
      Jesus or die.

      Jesus says "watch and pray" while He was on earth and to his
      disciples and to ALL future christians.

      You know what he meant!

      If we know he comes back tonight,then,we will ALL repent our
      sins ,put away all our sins,and pray and watch all day long!

      Yes,even unbelievers will do the same!

      But,the KEY of being saved,IS do this patiently and daily basis,since
      we DONT know the exact time and day of his return.
      THUS,JESUS told us to be ready and watchful BECAUSE MANY SHALL grow
      weary in resisting sins,and repenting for "long" delay!

      *YOU ARE NOT READY,YOU ARE NOT READY,my brother!!!:
      Please do not take this as censorious criticism,or judgemental
      But many of you are simply NOT ready!

      How do I know?

      Because I often backslided,often living in sins,and KNEW myself not
      to be ready.

      So I repented and watch and pray again,and again. Whenever I sin,I
      repent,trying to be ready again.

      When you live in wilful,habitual sins,you know in your heart you are
      NOT ready,and need to repent.

      How can you be ready when you wilfully indulge in temptations,and
      keep sinning?

      Many of you are smoking,drinking,having sinful relationship,having
      girlfriend,curse,dance,steal,lie and live worldly,loose life now.
      How can YOU be ready then? You falsely convince yourself your
      salvation cant be lost,then,harden your heart in sin. This will
      surely make you NOT ready,and will send you to eternal hell.

      Ask your conscience. Study the BIBLE. You know what to
      repent,and how to be ready,yet you are lying to yourself and
      hardening your heart so you can continue sin and have pleasure of sin!

      O,dear brothers and sisters,you are Not ready,,you are choosing
      temporary pleasure of sins over eternal life!

      Jesus will come soon and suddenly,and you will be found unprepared
      and not ready like that 5 foolish virgins ,and be left behind!

      *HOW TO BE READY:(TRUE REPENTANCE&GIVING UP of your ongoing sins)
      Now,dear friends,I am just asking you to do what you know already.
      I am asking you to do WHAT I am doing myself.

      But let me repeat and re-iterate.

      Please get down on your knee and repent your sins in BLOOD of JESUS!
      Then,give up your wilful,ongoing,habitual sins cleanly.

      You are dirty and polluted by ongoing sins. NOW,please wash them
      in BLOOD of JESUS clean and pure.

      How much should you wash?

      Wash until your sins are cleansed,and your heart is pure from ANY
      ongoing sins!

      Remember how you wash yourself,or wash your clothings?

      Yes,wash yourself of your sins JUST like that.

      Once you repented and washed,that means you are ready.
      Yes,you will meet Jesus,and Jesus WILL take you Glorious Heaven!

      But,remember,once repented and washed,DOESNT mean you are TOTALLY
      safe,or you wont backslide into sin.

      So,you must pray ALL the time,to prevent sins from polluting you
      again,and making you "dirty" and not ready.

      The way things are,the way satan is roaring,the way temptations
      are,,,THE MOMENT you wash you sins and purify,,YOU WILL be faced with
      FLOODS of temptations to make you sin again!

      Therefore,as important as you wash yourself and be ready,you must
      pray and STAY in this "pure" state!

      AND even more important,IF you sin again,you MUST re-washed yourself
      in BLOOD of JESUS again. Just like first time. And this is a
      condition of being ready and being saved ALL the time!

      Because of hardship,many christians backslided into
      sin,compromise with the world,,stop being ready,stop washing

      But you! You must not do so!

      Please think about great prize,,think about eternal BURNING in hell.

      Then,STOP your ears,and say" Heaven,HEAVEN! I must go there! I
      wont die in sins and with sinning world!",then,FLEE away!

      O,be washed in Blood of JESUS,and be clean and pure.

      God loves you TRULY,Jesus died for you!

      Trinity is asking you to be ready and be washed.

      Will you listen to the kind invitation of your Heavenly Father and be
      washed and ready?

      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/puritanchurch/ jkj
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