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How words of GOD save you from sins and hell *ten commandment+blood

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  • charlesfinney_99
    Words of GOD,Old testament and New testament,are eternal Words of GOD. If you listen and keep them,your precious soul shall live forever. These are the words
    Message 1 of 1 , May 26, 2002
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      Words of GOD,Old testament and New testament,are eternal Words of GOD.

      If you listen and keep them,your precious soul shall live forever.

      These are the words of GOD.

      Now,please remember again what GOD says in the BIBLE.

      parents,lying,idolatry-or breaking of ten commandments,shall send you
      to hell.
      There is clean forgiveness if you repent in BLood of JESUS.
      There is hell for unrepentant and sinners,and heaven for repentant
      and obediant saints.

      *REMEMBER warnings of GOD through Words of GOD,and say NO to
      The BIBLE says,thieves and adulterers,shall go to hell in the Lake of
      Now,if you are tempted to steal,or lust,,or commit adultery,please
      remember Words of GOD-ten commandments and warning of hell- and say
      NO to sin!

      There is NO escaping the Words of GOD!

      Brothers,If you hear the words of GOD,and belive their warnings,you
      will say NO to stealing or adultery,and save your soul!

      Please believe and KEEP the Words of GOD in your heart,and say NO to
      stealing,adultery and lusting,lying,cursing,and disobeying parents.

      *REMEMBER warnings of GOD through Words of GOD,and repent your
      sins,and say NO to same sins!:
      You sinned by breaking ten commandments,and went after your lust and

      You sinned and knew it!

      Words of GOD never change. You broke them,and shall go to hell for
      your sins.

      Yet,Words of GOD also say GOD will forgiven your sins and you can
      STILL come of bondage and hell,by repenting your sins in BLOOD of

      Then,please remember ten commandments and Blood of JESUS,and repent
      your sins,and STOP sinning!

      Yes,you committed adultery,and stealing and others,BUT,you can still
      remember the words of GOD,and still repent out of fear,,Washed in
      BLOOD of JESUS,,,and re-keep broken commandments and LIVE!

      *Words of GOD,,,KEEP them,repent by them,overcome sins by them,and
      enter Heaven!:
      Remember again,dear brother,You CANT go to heaven while sinning,and
      breaking ten commandments! The words of GOD clearly warned you!

      And Words of GOD still warning you AND calling you to repent even NOW!

      Those of you who are christians but being weak and stumbling,remember
      ten commandments,and start to say NO to sins!
      Those of you who are deep in sin,be warned by words of GOD,and GIVE
      UP your sins and say NO to sins!

      "thou shall not steal,committ adultery,lie"!!!!

      Oh,repent and keep them. Repent through them and re-keep broken

      May you be strong,and have faith in WORDS OF GOD!

      Today,either KEEP ten commandments and blood by saying NO to
      temptations,OR repent by them. Repent your adultery,murder,stealing
      other sins in BLOOD of JESUS,and KEEP GOD's Words!

      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/puritanchurch/?yguid=91601994 u[
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