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Weep now,smile later(eternally) Mat5:3

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  • charlesfinney_99
    blessed are those who mourn,for they shall be comforted Matthew 5:4 ``~~I was just watching prize is right with Bob Barker. There,people were going
    Message 1 of 603 , Feb 1, 2002
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      "blessed are those who mourn,for they shall be
      comforted" Matthew 5:4<br> ``~~I was just watching "prize is
      right" with Bob Barker. There,people were going nuts
      over prizes. Jumping up and down,so HAPPY after they
      WON some grand prize.(This woman won 3 brand new CAR!
      Count them THREE!)<br> That made me smile! To see them
      happy is pleasing! (little funny too,to see grown women
      dance and jump like a little kid)<br>Well, that gave me
      inspiration, so I came here sitting at my computer.<br> Now,it
      is so great to win 3 spanking new cars! I love new
      car,esp fast ones!<br>It is great to win ANY
      Prizes!<br>And allow me to tell you,dear members,about the
      GREATEST Prize you can win,and will jump for joy
      everyday!<br> ~PRIZE: "HEAVEN" ~The WORTH-->
      infinite,priceless<br>People are spending fortunes to live little bit longer.
      Look how much they spend on medical doctors! (most
      pentacostals will give all kinds of money for "miracle"
      healers desguised as ministers)<br>HOW WILL you value
      eternity,then?<br>It is priceless. IT IS PRICELESS!<br>That is not
      all.<br>Heaven is SO nice,that you will faint at the SIGHT of
      them far away. Apostle John saw New Jerusalem coming
      down from Heaven,,and HE was just faint,,trying his
      best to describe it!<br>Beauty of beauty and City of
      cities!<br>Then,,,meeting with your loved ones,those whom you thoughts left
      you forever behind,those who died and thoughts to be
      gone.<br>There are there. Smiling and welcoming you. See their
      smiling eyes,their arms twining around you.<br>And they
      share their travails on earth with you then they tell
      you about HEAVEN AND JOY!<br> Oh,GOOD and truthful
      people! How we miss them!<br>I know you miss your godly
      and loving grandmother and fathers. Well,they are
      there. And they live on,happy and strong! Enjoying
      LIFE,enjoying good foods, enjoying peace and riches.<br> ~HOW
      TO WIN HEAVEN NOW!~<br>Now the hard part. But
      definitely doable,esp if you are willing to HAVE THIS GRAND
      PRIZE.<br>Jesus said "blessed are those who
      mourn".<br>Well,"BEING BLESSED" means but Heaven
      itself.<br>Now,MOURN!<br>What are you weeping about?<br>First of all,,WEEP at
      yourself who is waisting away precious time missing out
      ETERNAL HEAVEN!<br>You ought to weep with ALL you've got
      for your foolishness neglecting eternal state of your
      soul.<br>Now,WEEP for your sins for a first time in your life. Why
      have you abused GOD for so long?<br>WHY did you chase
      after sins for so long?<br>What have you got to say to
      the LORD?<br>Knee before the LORD (since HE is
      great),and categorically repent weeping.<br>Say
      this:<br>"Heavenly Father(yes HE is your Father), I wronged thee and
      heaven.<br>I sinned greatly. My Father,please forgive
      me.<br>Would you be merciful to me,a sinner? Remember thy
      Son,Jesus and wash my sins today"<br> God looking
      down,seeing your true mourning,SHALL forgive,and give you
      blessed Kingdom.<br> Now,brothers and sisters, WILL you
      miss Heaven, for pleasure of sins,and being too proud
      to weep?<br> Yes,you may laugh at GOD's
      warning,yes,you may mock at warning of hell,and eternal
      damnation,but,then,after little season of sinful pleasure,you shall sink
      into hell. THEN,the weeping shall start. You shall see
      glorious heaven,and all that riches and splendors,and
      happy,happy crowds, THEN,weep,and weep.<br>You will curse at
      yourself,for being so proud,will curse at your worldly friends
      who laughed with you, at false preachers who promised
      "easy" salvation,and salvation by grace not by
      works,,,or once saved always saved, so that you stay in
      sins,,,And weep eternally,and eternally.<br> But if you
      repent and weep for your sins NOW, you shall be happy
      forever.<br>You must choose to fear GOD,and mourn now,my
      brothers, and I say again, you must promptly weep for your
      sins,and forsake them ALL,,,,patiently and humbly....Then,
      smile,laugh,and jump up and down to have won GREATEST PRIZE OF
      ALL!<br> HEAVEN! Beautiful Heaven! ALL yours!<br>May we
      meet there soon!
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    • godsgrace0917
      Hello, although new to this group, I read this message written so long ago and wished to comment . After reading this, I feel I must agree that we do have a
      Message 603 of 603 , Jan 11, 2008
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        Hello, although new to this group, I read this message written so long
        ago and wished to comment . After reading this, I feel I must agree that
        we do have a choice as to if we saved or not. I believe also that of
        course God knows who will and will not,, but I have asked those who say
        we have no choice in the matter, "Well then, is it your position then ,
        that some who sincerely seek Gods will and salvation, cannot obtain it
        even if they follow all God says to do to be saved, if they are not
        predestined to do so? (by their definition of this) They had no answer,
        and so I still feel that we have a choice, and God does indeed know who
        will choose HIM and who will not. I found this message very interesting,
        thank the writer of this. Lisa
        --- In wesleyantheology@yahoogroups.com, abglos wrote:
        > The juxtoposition of Wesleyan and Reformed
        > backgrounds is interesting. Wesley and the Calvinists of his
        > day had a few nasty run ins. In particular over
        > pre-destination. Wesley thought the doctrine of pre-destination
        > was a pretty aweful thing. <br><br> As I understand
        > him, we choose to be saved or not to be saved. That is
        > our choice, though God knows from the beginning of
        > time what we will choose. This position is that of
        > Arminius (who broke with the Calvinists over this position
        > a hundred years before Wesley). So, Wesleyans have
        > been tagged "Arminians" by lots of Christians.<br><br>
        > In this doctrine, we are one of the "odd men out."
        > Most Churches teach that we cannot chose our
        > salvation. God chooses us, or chooses not to choose
        > us.<br><br> Cheers,<br><br> Andrew

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