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Heavenly way,,reaching for glory

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  • charlesfinney_99
    Now all theses things happened unto them for ensamples:and they are written for our admonistion 1 Corinthia 10:11 Truly,our life is short. We MUST
    Message 1 of 603 , Jan 1, 2002
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      "Now all theses things happened unto them for
      ensamples:and they are written for our admonistion" 1 Corinthia
      10:11<br><br>Truly,our life is short.<br>We MUST think and prepare for
      eternity.<br>The BIBLE reveals about eternity,how to get there,the
      dangers lurking.<br>~WHAT IS HEAVEN?<br>Heaven is
      literally the "magic kingdom"!<br>It is described by
      Jesus,apostle John and many other prophets and saints. Even to
      saintly Charles Finney,God gave him the glimps of
      heaven.<br>Finney exclaimed" Oh beautiful heaven,see those high and
      shining cathedrals and towers!"<br>When saints are
      dying,they smile and say "here I come",to waiting heavenly
      crowd.<br>All of you reading this,MUST make it to
      heaven!<br>The BIBLE says those who are left out shall weep and
      gnash their teeth for anguish and sorrow for missing
      it!<br>Once you did hard battles and make it to heaven, All
      your dreams and wishes shall come true,you will be so
      happy day after day!<br>`HOW TO GET THERE~<br>Now,comes
      to the main part. It means nothing if you believe in
      heaven. You must make it!<br>The BIBLE said,you must be
      pure and holy to get there.(matthew 5:1-11)<br>The
      BIBLE said,you must repent all your sins and be
      purified to get there. (Matthew 4:17)<br>The BIBLE said
      you must have faith of Jesus and ten commandments to
      get there (Rev 14:12)<br>`REACHING FOR THE HEAVEN"S
      GLORY!~<br>Now,the LORD told you what to believe and do;you must now
      obey and do it!<br>You must repent categorically all
      sins in Jesus Blood what you know it to be wrong and
      sin. you MUST without ANY one ongoing sins remaining!
      THIS IS hard part!<br>To do that,you must pray day and
      night,and seek His Power!<br>Having pure and holy
      heart,again,is easy to say,but so hard to do! You must pray,and
      worship daily,to repent all sinful thoughts crept in,AND
      resist more to invading in by MIGHT resistance! AND you
      must do it,,,there is no way to get around
      see the glorious heaven from far,and determine to get
      there!<br>But there are so much obstacles blocking your way,you
      MUST be willing to fight to death,to navigate and
      climb to heaven.<br>What are those difficulties?<br>#1
      your own lust and wickedness: THE BIBLE
      said,hatred,covetousness and lust shall send you to hell. Apostle Paul
      talked about constant struggle with his own depravity to
      bring him back to sin. Main fight IS with your own
      selfishness and lust! Oh,you must overcome your own heart to
      backslide and indulge in sins,,TO repent and make it to
      heaven!<br>#2 SINS AND IDOLS:<br>Many million Israelites came
      out of Egypt,and ALL perished except Joshua and
      Caleb!<br>1 Corinthian 10 spoke about those,and warned us HOW
      easy to perish on the way to heaven!<br>They all
      perished because of idols and other temptations! They
      broke ten commandments because of lure of idols and
      adultery,and lust!<br>TODAY' SINS AND IDOLS: they are any
      sources that make you sin and breaking ten
      commandments.<br>Hollywood is the worst idols;moviestars,rock and rollers
      like Brittney Speer,Madonna,George Clooney and country
      singers along with many Hollywood entertainers,media
      people ARE making people worship idols of
      themselves,unbelief and adultery! Boyfriends and
      girlfriends,prom,dancing and romance novels are ALL Idols that will
      destroy your souls.<br>Alcohol,tobacco and drugs are also
      idols and sorcery and prelude to satanism.
      <br>Covetousness and stealing are another sins blocking your way
      to heaven. Sinful lust is one of the hardest lure of
      sins for many of us. THIS MUST be overcome to get to
      heaven.<br>~DEAR BROTHERS! Againt all these,LOOK UP to Heaven!
      THEN,look down on hell. Tremble,and repent all your sins
      today! ALL the
      idols-lust,smoke,alcohol,girlfriends,Madonna,Speers,Clooney,rock and rollers,rappers SHALL all go to hell and miss
      out heaven. BUT YOU! Dont be entangled there and miss
      out glorius heaven!<br>NOW,repent and FIGHT against
      ALL sins. KEEP your heart clean and
      pure!<br><a href=http://clubs.yahoo.com/c
    • godsgrace0917
      Hello, although new to this group, I read this message written so long ago and wished to comment . After reading this, I feel I must agree that we do have a
      Message 603 of 603 , Jan 11, 2008
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        Hello, although new to this group, I read this message written so long
        ago and wished to comment . After reading this, I feel I must agree that
        we do have a choice as to if we saved or not. I believe also that of
        course God knows who will and will not,, but I have asked those who say
        we have no choice in the matter, "Well then, is it your position then ,
        that some who sincerely seek Gods will and salvation, cannot obtain it
        even if they follow all God says to do to be saved, if they are not
        predestined to do so? (by their definition of this) They had no answer,
        and so I still feel that we have a choice, and God does indeed know who
        will choose HIM and who will not. I found this message very interesting,
        thank the writer of this. Lisa
        --- In wesleyantheology@yahoogroups.com, abglos wrote:
        > The juxtoposition of Wesleyan and Reformed
        > backgrounds is interesting. Wesley and the Calvinists of his
        > day had a few nasty run ins. In particular over
        > pre-destination. Wesley thought the doctrine of pre-destination
        > was a pretty aweful thing. <br><br> As I understand
        > him, we choose to be saved or not to be saved. That is
        > our choice, though God knows from the beginning of
        > time what we will choose. This position is that of
        > Arminius (who broke with the Calvinists over this position
        > a hundred years before Wesley). So, Wesleyans have
        > been tagged "Arminians" by lots of Christians.<br><br>
        > In this doctrine, we are one of the "odd men out."
        > Most Churches teach that we cannot chose our
        > salvation. God chooses us, or chooses not to choose
        > us.<br><br> Cheers,<br><br> Andrew

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