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Arc of covenant+in heaven,in your heart

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  • charlesfinney_99
    And the Temple of GOD was opened in heaven and there was seen in his temple the ark of his testament: Rev 11:19 The Arc of covenant was a rectangular
    Message 1 of 603 , Oct 2, 2001
      "And the Temple of GOD was opened in heaven and
      there was seen in his temple the ark of his testament:"
      Rev 11:19<br>The Arc of covenant was a rectangular
      wooden box overlaid with pure gold,containing two plates
      of ten comandments and Manna.<br><br>God commanded
      Moses to make it and gave him the exact
      GOD AND HUMANITY~~ Abraham was the Father of faith
      since Noah,and God made covenant with him,for his faith
      and obediance. He was a physical father of all Jewish
      races,and a spiritual father of ALL those who love GOD and
      keep his commandments.<br>Our of Abraham came out
      Israel nation-Moses,Aaron,Samuel and King David- and
      when GOD fulfilled his promise made to Abraham,and
      made Israel a nation,he delivered them of our
      EGYPT.<br>FIRST things GOD did was to give TEN COMMANDMENTS and
      laws at mt SINAI to Israel.<br>THEN the LORD
      commandmendes MOSES to put stone plates of TEN COMMANDMENTS
      inside ARC,along with Manna, and ever since, it became a
      holy symbol of GOD's presence with Israel.<br>AT
      first,it was in a holy TENT,then,during SOLOMON"S
      reign,GOD put the arc of covenant inside glorious TEMPLE!
      oh,,such breath-taking TEMPLE,and there, inside the HOLY
      of HOLIES,lies the ARC.<br>It respresents the
      Eternal covenant not just for Jews,but ALL humanity. THAT
      those who keep ten commandments in true spirit,and have
      the blessed atonement of Messiah,represented in
      MANNA, shall be blessed forever and those who haughtily
      sinned again it and refuse to repent,,shall be
      cursed.<br>History of Israel is one of blessing and cursing,triumph
      and defeat, as promised by GOD.<br>~~Disappearance of
      the ARC~~Israel backslided,,,then,TEMPLE got
      plundered. Israel got punished and weakened by their
      idol-worship,adultery and other sins. THEN THE ARC disappeared! There
      were no more HOLY ARC!<br>During Jesus time,there was
      no arc in HOLY OF HOLIES at Temple buit by
      Herod,just empty space in there! SO where is it?<br>~~~GOD
      TOOK IT TO HEAVENLY TEMPLE~~~<br>Just as GOD took
      Enoch,and Elijah to Heaven, JUST as GOD took Messiah to
      heaven, HE also took it to HEAVENLY temple. (rev
      11:19)<br>Oh,how wonderful the revelation given to us by GOD
      through Messiah! AND it is there,,to be transported back
      to the earth,when Messiah returns to bring GOD's
      kingdom on earth,and GLORIOUS new TEMPLE where Messiah
      will sit and rule with all saints-OT and
      NT.<br>~TEMPLE IN YOUR HEART~~OF course,ten commandments must be
      kept in heart,,not by letters. We are told we are the
      temple of GOD. AND THE MAIN aspect of TEMPLE,,it's heart
      IS the ARC of COVENANT. This sympolize US being
      TEMPLE,and our heart having TEN COMMANDMENTS AND BLOOD of
      MESSIAH! IF you have it---holiness of keeping ten
      commandments in its true spirit,and BLOOD of JESUS--then, GOD
      dwells in your heart,and you shall be blessed,and live
      forever. BUT,IF you are sinning againt ten
      commandments,and NOT WASHED pure,by blood of JESUS,symbolized by
      MANNA, you shall be cursed,and be destroyed!<br>~~HOW
      you lust,or drink,,you are breaking ten commandmends
      in spirit,,THUS,you are sinning,and shall perish
      forever,unable to enter into HOLY of HEAVEN. BUT,IF you repent
      your sins through BLOOD of MESSIAH,,and KEEP ten
      commandment(STOP LUSTING,,STOP DRINKING),,,THEN,you are washed and
      pure,having ten commandments in your heart,and BLOOD OF
      MESSIAH purified and sealed you,,,AND ABLE TO ENTER INTO
      BRETHREN!~ You are sinning against ten commandments,and YOU
      MUST REPENT<AND re-keep broken ten commandments in
      your heart,and KEEP IT THERE. AND BLOOD OF MESSIAH!
      Dying brothers!!!!,,DONT die! You break holy
      commandments, you shall be cursed,,,HURRY and repent,and make
      SURE,you have ten commandments,and holiness and purity in
      your heart. THEN, you will escape hell,and enter into
      heavenly TEMPLE <a href=http://c target=new>http://c</a> 0
    • godsgrace0917
      Hello, although new to this group, I read this message written so long ago and wished to comment . After reading this, I feel I must agree that we do have a
      Message 603 of 603 , Jan 11, 2008
        Hello, although new to this group, I read this message written so long
        ago and wished to comment . After reading this, I feel I must agree that
        we do have a choice as to if we saved or not. I believe also that of
        course God knows who will and will not,, but I have asked those who say
        we have no choice in the matter, "Well then, is it your position then ,
        that some who sincerely seek Gods will and salvation, cannot obtain it
        even if they follow all God says to do to be saved, if they are not
        predestined to do so? (by their definition of this) They had no answer,
        and so I still feel that we have a choice, and God does indeed know who
        will choose HIM and who will not. I found this message very interesting,
        thank the writer of this. Lisa
        --- In wesleyantheology@yahoogroups.com, abglos wrote:
        > The juxtoposition of Wesleyan and Reformed
        > backgrounds is interesting. Wesley and the Calvinists of his
        > day had a few nasty run ins. In particular over
        > pre-destination. Wesley thought the doctrine of pre-destination
        > was a pretty aweful thing. <br><br> As I understand
        > him, we choose to be saved or not to be saved. That is
        > our choice, though God knows from the beginning of
        > time what we will choose. This position is that of
        > Arminius (who broke with the Calvinists over this position
        > a hundred years before Wesley). So, Wesleyans have
        > been tagged "Arminians" by lots of Christians.<br><br>
        > In this doctrine, we are one of the "odd men out."
        > Most Churches teach that we cannot chose our
        > salvation. God chooses us, or chooses not to choose
        > us.<br><br> Cheers,<br><br> Andrew

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