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Fears Will Come and Fears Will Go

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  • DBee
    Fears Will Come and Fears Will Go Fears will come and fears will go, but you must stand even in the darkening flow. For the Hour of release has certainly
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2005
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      Fears Will Come and Fears Will Go

      Fears will come and fears will go, but you must stand even in
      the darkening flow.

      For the Hour of release has certainly begun, and both streams
      will move as I have told you, and take over the lands. But all
      who are Mine will not fear, but stand. For I AM the covering
      over you, and all that comes to you is allowed by Me. If I am
      in control, then keep your eyes upon Me, and walk through it
      allin full knowledge of Me. Nothing can overtake those who
      walk with Me.

      Take charge of your thinking and the emotions that try to
      dominate your hearts. Set your hearts upon Me and remain
      fixed. Be firm in your stance, and allow no doubts to creep
      in, for I AM Faithful to you. Nothing can stand before Me and
      My Word. If My Word is true, and you trust in it, then stand
      in it, and see My salvation. For the natural and spiritual
      winds will greatly increase as the Release also does, but all
      that is Mine will remain planted and rooted in Me and will not
      be tossed and turned in this hour.

      Station yourselves in the secret place and seek My Face. Allow
      no diversions to rob you of your position or of your faith.
      For the diversions will come to wear you down, but be vigilent
      over your time and keep Me ever before you. The actions you
      take now, will keep you fixed in the days to come, for you are
      laying a standard by which you will walk in. So, keep it
      simple, focused, and ever mindful of My leading. You will do
      well to mark this day, for it is a day of turning and
      beginning for you.

      The awakening has indeed begun, and all of Mine are awakening
      and rising up, and standing alert. For the alarms have
      sounded, and the searching has begun, but know that it is by
      My Hand, and you must stand. Take no day for granted, but
      prayerfully listen as you go, and know that I will indeed show
      you the path upon which you must go. Follow not men, or the
      edicts that will soon come, but follow My Voice and then you
      can safely run. Keep your hand in Mine, and walk on.

      Great shakings have only begun, but even more are to come, for
      the foundations will surely break forth and many lands will
      move and break, but all who are Mine will stand firm and not
      fear even in the great quakes. For I have ordained that you
      minister in this hour, as it only announces the coming of My
      great Power. So, wait upon Me, listen for your parts, and then
      do My Will as the earthly lights grow dark. For all who have
      Me will shine in the darkness and bring much Truth to the
      crying masses. I will draw those who hunger after Me and bring
      them to salvation and liberty. It is the beginning and it is
      the end, as I am moving and birthing, and showing My Hand.

      I am releasing great wisdom in this hour and those who listen
      and partake, will walk in divine revelation and administration
      as they go and are sent. The old veils are ebing rent, and
      hearts are being laid bare, as all things are shown for what
      they truly are. But even in the unveiling is My mercy shown,
      for I know all whose are given unto Me, and to each of them
      will I send My servants, to bring them unto Me. So, fear not,
      judge not, and doubt not anymore, but stand firm and rejoice
      even as the seas and winds roar.

      Greater things will come from My Storehouses as the nations
      begin their final seperation and the breaking, and those who
      stand and are faithful to Me, will do great exploits as I pass
      over them and take them to the nations.

      Fears will come and fears will go, but Mine will stand and My
      Glory they will show.

      Great utterances of My Spirit will sound from the heavens as I
      purge out the final leaven.The heavenly fiery blasts that will
      totally consume the holy outcasts, and great signs will come
      forth as they open their mouths, and release the sealed words
      of Truth.

      Great is the Sounding of the Seven-fold Fire and great is the
      Roaring of the Ancient Thunders.

      The Sounds come upon the Shaking Winds that have now been
      released through the Ancient Gates and into the Hearts, and
      Ears, and Mouths, and Hands of Mine. For the latter is greater
      than the Former Wine. It is time for the Full Counsel to come
      forth from the Sons of Mine, who now stand in their places at
      the end of time. All that has been written will be seen, and
      known as the Truth, for the false will fall before the King.

      Even so, it begins.....

      -Susan Cummings


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