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Narrow gate to heaven#5"Follow Jesus!"

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  • charlesfinney_99
    GO and sell that thou hast...come and follow me. Matthew 19:21 Jesus told rich youngman to keep ten commandments to have eternal life(verse17).
    Message 1 of 603 , Jun 13, 2001
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      "GO and sell that thou hast...come and follow
      me."<br>Matthew 19:21<br><br>Jesus told rich youngman to keep ten
      commandments to have eternal life(verse17). When a rich young
      ruler told him he had, JESUS pointed out his
      ill-begotten riches and asked him to repent, then follow Him.
      Of course,to repent his last sin meant loss of power
      and reputation, and following JESUS meant persecution
      so he went away sad, refusing to repent that last
      sin.<br>The 12 disciples did repent all sins and followed
      JESUS(verse27). Jesus promised them eternal life plus great
      rewards in coming world.<br><br>HOW IS IT WITH YOUR
      SOUL,BROTHERS?:IF you meet Jesus in a street of Jerusalem, you will
      see most kind and nicest person alive. He would look
      at you with most tender love and gaze. TO whom, you
      must ask,"what do I have to do, to have eternal
      life?"<br>HE will look at you with all-knowing eyes! Then, of
      course, most of us would just break down and repent all
      our sins tearfully, trembling and let out all our
      guilt before great KING.<br>But if you care to be bold,
      you may ask"what must I do?" Then HE will answer you
      and will pointout your sins,and ask you to repent
      them and keep commandments. THEN he will tenderly ask
      you to follow HIM.<br>AT this moment, you can either
      go away worried like that rich youngman since
      repenting represent you letting go all your favorite sins!
      OR repent humbly like that 12 disciples and follow
      HIM all the way.<br>Remember, dear brothers, going to
      heaven and following JESUS means you let go temporary
      pleasure of sins,in favor of eternal LIFE and crown. THERE
      is NO easy way. YOU MUST repent all sins and become
      pure and washed,renouncing all sins and categorically
      remove each sin.<br>BUT you must choose eternal LIFE!
      What is temporary sinful pleasure compare to eternal
      happiness in heaven?<br><br>#1 SINS MUST BE REPENTED
      CATEGORICALLY:You can't simply admit you are sinner,that is NOT
      repentance. <br>You must repent sins categorically and remove
      them categorically. Suppose you are having sinful
      relationship outside marriage,Jesus will ask you to repent
      that and stop and remove it utterly,THEN follow HIM.
      Will you do it, then?<br>ALL sins your conscience
      convict of,and BIBLE condemn, YOU must repent and remove
      completely.<br>Otherwise, you shall perish. Jesus is promising you so great
      and beautiful prize, that if you reject this offer in
      favor of sinful pleasure,you will be utterly
      rejected!<br>#2HOW CAN YOU REPENT TO HAVE ETERNAL LIFE?:You must go
      and pray in quiet place and for first time in your
      life, be honest with GOD. Then repent what you know you
      must repent and promise HIM you will forsake all sins
      for eternity's sake and ask HIM to help you. When you
      do this,and your conscience is clear, you just
      entered into heavenly, narrow gate!<br>#WHAT IS FOLLOWING
      JESUS?:<br>When you surrender all,repent all, THEN you are in
      heavenly gate, meaning,you are in state of salvation and
      shall go to heaven if you die now.<br>BUT, YOU must
      pray and fight to maintain this repented state. Same
      sin that you just repented,shall come back and tempt
      you again and again,to bring you back to former
      slavery! THAT IS WHY JESUS told you to follow HIM all the
      way to heaven. IF you read SOWER's PARABLE, people
      who just repented and entered in narrow gate,
      backslided and failed on the way. They failed primarily
      #1,because of lust and former sins tempting them again,and
      they slowly going back to former sins. #2 wordly power
      and money and persecution when you repented these
      sin,shall come down hard on you, and you finally go back to
      worldy ways in fear of all the isolation and
      persecution.<br>CHOOSE Eternal Life, brothers! IT is hard and you must
      repent and fight daily but trust me, heavenly gate is a
      way that lead to eternal
      HOME!<br><a href=http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/puritanchurch target=new>http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/puritanchurch</a><br><a href=http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/churchof target=new>http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/churchof</a> <..
    • godsgrace0917
      Hello, although new to this group, I read this message written so long ago and wished to comment . After reading this, I feel I must agree that we do have a
      Message 603 of 603 , Jan 11, 2008
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        Hello, although new to this group, I read this message written so long
        ago and wished to comment . After reading this, I feel I must agree that
        we do have a choice as to if we saved or not. I believe also that of
        course God knows who will and will not,, but I have asked those who say
        we have no choice in the matter, "Well then, is it your position then ,
        that some who sincerely seek Gods will and salvation, cannot obtain it
        even if they follow all God says to do to be saved, if they are not
        predestined to do so? (by their definition of this) They had no answer,
        and so I still feel that we have a choice, and God does indeed know who
        will choose HIM and who will not. I found this message very interesting,
        thank the writer of this. Lisa
        --- In wesleyantheology@yahoogroups.com, abglos wrote:
        > The juxtoposition of Wesleyan and Reformed
        > backgrounds is interesting. Wesley and the Calvinists of his
        > day had a few nasty run ins. In particular over
        > pre-destination. Wesley thought the doctrine of pre-destination
        > was a pretty aweful thing. <br><br> As I understand
        > him, we choose to be saved or not to be saved. That is
        > our choice, though God knows from the beginning of
        > time what we will choose. This position is that of
        > Arminius (who broke with the Calvinists over this position
        > a hundred years before Wesley). So, Wesleyans have
        > been tagged "Arminians" by lots of Christians.<br><br>
        > In this doctrine, we are one of the "odd men out."
        > Most Churches teach that we cannot chose our
        > salvation. God chooses us, or chooses not to choose
        > us.<br><br> Cheers,<br><br> Andrew

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