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  • charlesfinney_99
    Salvation,,in most strict sense,,,are grounded in GOD s LOVE. THIS IS TRUE reason,,or cause of salvation,--- HIS UNFATHOMLESSS LOVE! HE IS MOST merciful FATHER
    Message 1 of 603 , Mar 2, 2001
      Salvation,,in most strict sense,,,are grounded in
      GOD's LOVE. THIS IS TRUE reason,,or cause of
      salvation,--- HIS UNFATHOMLESSS LOVE! HE IS MOST merciful
      FATHER who LOVES ALLOF US, and ONLY THIS, enables us to
      go to heaven. EVEN REPENTANCE and
      obediance,,yes,,even BLOOD OF JESUS(sendingof HIS Son for the
      atonement for our sin),,ARE actually possible because GOD
      chose to excersize HIS LOVE. THEREFORE,,,repenting,,in
      JESUS name,,or persevering this repentance,,,,ARE
      GRACE. THE BIBLE clearly says,,condition of salvation is
      repentance and faith. EVERYWHERE,,JESUS, apostles and his
      servants commanded for people to repent their sin, through
      JESUS blood,,and believe,,TO BE SAVED. THUS,,this is
      condition of salvation. YET,,REAL CAUSE or ground of
      salvation IS actually,,,100% UNBOUND LOVE OF GOD<,which
      made ALL possible,,even JESUS dying for us. NOW,,IT IS
      great mistake to think,,,salvation has nothing to do
      with repentance or faith: these are condition,or
      something you MUST to do,,,or somethings without which you
      cant be saved. THEREFORE IN that sense,salvation is
      condisional upon repenting in name of JESUS and believe.
      TODAY,,great mistake is,,,TO claim salvation is by GRACE ,,NOT
      by work,,thus repentance and faith has nothing to do
      with salvation. THIS IS great deception,and denying
      whole bible. IF YOU ask,,WHAT IS ultimate cause of
      salvation,,then u must say it is ALL by GOD LOVE, or grace,,NOT
      by our works,,or repentance. IF YOU say what do we
      have to DO to be saved,,YOU MUST say you have to
      repent your sin in blood of JESUS AND BELIEVE!! PEOPLE
      are confused about this,,and countless arguments are
      raging,,and all theology which cant distinguish Cause and
      conditon,,are confusing people's mind and even good christians
      are fighting over this,,and condemn each other. THIS
      IS HIGH TIME we realize true cause and condition of
      salvation. TO emphasize grace of GOD as conditon of
      salvation,,,at the expense of repentance and perseverance,,IS
      greatest demise of christiandom.,and cause of destruction
      of millions of souls!
      MEMBERS,,,,AGAIN,,,REMEMBER!,,JESUS and apostles MADE repentance and faith AS
      condition of salvation~~~. TO DENY THIS<,IS deny the
      scripture. CAREFULLY distinguish,,,ROOT Cause of
      salvation-GOD' GRACE,,,,,with condition of salvation-repentance
      and faith.... WHEN YOU preach to unsaved,,,PRAY FOR
      THEM,,for GOD's grace,,and tell them to repent their sins
      in blood of JESus AND follow HIM!!! DO NOT TELL
      them,,,salvation is by grace ,,not by work!!! THIS IS twisting the
      bible and you will cause him to be confused and likely
      to go to hell. AND TO YOU personally i am
      speaking,,DONT THINK,YOU can go to heavn while you are not
      repenting and hiding sin,,,just because salvation is caused
      by GRACE",,not by work!!!,,,,,MOST christian
      today,,,,either deceived in this,,OR wilfully harden their heart
      in sins,,THEN most vocally advocate salvation by
      grace NOT by work theme,,and condemn and call
      herectical,,of ALL godly,,,believing christians who followed
      direct unjuctionn of JESUS,and repented their sins and
      believe and followed,and proceed to twist the whole
      bible' direct message of salvation! BE careful,,and pray
      about it! charlesfinney_99@... <br> <br>View
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    • godsgrace0917
      Hello, although new to this group, I read this message written so long ago and wished to comment . After reading this, I feel I must agree that we do have a
      Message 603 of 603 , Jan 11, 2008
        Hello, although new to this group, I read this message written so long
        ago and wished to comment . After reading this, I feel I must agree that
        we do have a choice as to if we saved or not. I believe also that of
        course God knows who will and will not,, but I have asked those who say
        we have no choice in the matter, "Well then, is it your position then ,
        that some who sincerely seek Gods will and salvation, cannot obtain it
        even if they follow all God says to do to be saved, if they are not
        predestined to do so? (by their definition of this) They had no answer,
        and so I still feel that we have a choice, and God does indeed know who
        will choose HIM and who will not. I found this message very interesting,
        thank the writer of this. Lisa
        --- In wesleyantheology@yahoogroups.com, abglos wrote:
        > The juxtoposition of Wesleyan and Reformed
        > backgrounds is interesting. Wesley and the Calvinists of his
        > day had a few nasty run ins. In particular over
        > pre-destination. Wesley thought the doctrine of pre-destination
        > was a pretty aweful thing. <br><br> As I understand
        > him, we choose to be saved or not to be saved. That is
        > our choice, though God knows from the beginning of
        > time what we will choose. This position is that of
        > Arminius (who broke with the Calvinists over this position
        > a hundred years before Wesley). So, Wesleyans have
        > been tagged "Arminians" by lots of Christians.<br><br>
        > In this doctrine, we are one of the "odd men out."
        > Most Churches teach that we cannot chose our
        > salvation. God chooses us, or chooses not to choose
        > us.<br><br> Cheers,<br><br> Andrew

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