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Why did John Wesley become vegetarian?

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  • abbajesus
    For health, for Genesis 1: 29, for Isaiah and other reasons: According to his collected works John Wesley in v 6 said Dr Cheyne advised him to
    Message 1 of 136 , Oct 29, 2000
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      For health, for Genesis 1: 29, for Isaiah<br>and
      other reasons:<br><br> According to his collected works
      John Wesley<br> in v 6 said Dr Cheyne advised him to
      become<br> a vegetarian and he had done so.. his
      phenomenal<br> work level was related to his diet<br><br><br> My
      friend has had the spiritual gift of<br> prophecy as
      well as dream messages from God<br> for many years..
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      man convicted of a capital<br> crime (theft) who died
      on Jesus' right hand<br> side.. and was promised
      paradise by Jesus.<br><br> John 8: 7 Jesus physically
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    • debolynn1953
      I just found the Wesleyan site and am so excited about it. I am of the Wesleyan faith, though have not been that way all my life. To find a group on the
      Message 136 of 136 , Dec 20, 2001
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        I just found the Wesleyan site and am so excited
        about it. I am of the Wesleyan faith, though have not
        been that way all my life. To find a group on the
        internet of the same belief is exciting to me. I can't
        wait to tell may daughter who is Wesleyan also. We
        merged to churches in town and became First Church, then
        we outgrew sanctuary (PTL)and broke to two services.
        Our numbers fell but we are now on the upswing and
        when combining two services we serve about 300 people.
        To see God at work is the most exciting thing to me.
        Thanks for creating this club. Deb
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