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Take Heed To My Spirit

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  • DBee
    Take Heed To My Spirit My Children, I have told you that things would change and new things would begin. I say to you, that the Mysteries are now to be
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 11, 2005
      Take Heed To My Spirit

      My Children,

      I have told you that things would change and new things would
      begin. I say to you, that the Mysteries are now to be revealed
      and are also now to be unfolded as you walk with Me.

      The time is far past for seeking My Face, for now those who
      should have come, will no longer have the Grace to ascend. For
      the door to the deeper truths being available to all in the
      closing season, has begun to close. The purging and the
      refining that was necessary for the containment and
      functioning in the greater revelations has ended in it's
      season. All this I have told you.

      Now comes the demonstration of the Word that you allowed to be
      formed within you. The hidden Truths will now be brought forth
      in the vessels that were made ready. Great will be the
      persecution of the greater works, but great will be the
      demonstration from heaven through the Precious Seed and
      amongst those who believe.

      Know that I have gathered you, and that I have prepared you. I
      have made all things ready. My Hand will rest upon you in
      greater measures, even this night. For the hour is passing and
      even time itself is changing. And the dimensions of My Word
      within you is now activating. You are experiencing the power
      of transformation, the process of My Resurrection Power, as it
      flows within you and now through you. For My Word is alive.

      As My Word brings life to those who embrace it, and so will My
      Eternal Word bring you more fully into My Purposes for you.
      But those who reject Me as I now come with demonstration of My
      Truths, the Word itself will judge them, and their fate will
      be sealed by their choice.

      All things are changing- yet few understand the Transition

      All things are passing away- yet few see the Truth

      All things are being fulfilled- yet few believe My written

      All things are Mine- yet few will receive Me, as I AM

      Take heed to My Spirit, as I move then you also will move. As
      I speak, then you also will speak. As I release the Mysteries
      to My Vessels, so you also will partake of the Hidden Manna,
      and then you will feed My Sheep. Hold back no longer, but be
      strong and fear not. Great is the reward to those who are
      Blood bought, and who deny Me not.

      Ages have come and ages have gone upon the earth, and each of
      them I have wrought My Work. Even amongst men who mocked and
      ridiculed, but I say, it is finished. I have done all of My
      preparations for this hour. I am now bringing forth the Change
      and now comes forth My Demonstrations.

      Wave upon wave will I now release. Demonstration upon
      demonstration will be seen, before all who did not believe.
      For the hearts of men will pass through My Sieve. As this
      final Age comes to an end and I will gather Mine unto Me.

      Great Mysteries hidden from the beginning will now begin to
      unfold before men as they now come face to face with their
      rebellions. Hearts will break and be rent as they behold Me,
      the God they rejected, will move before them.

      Also, each unfolding that comes forth, will also cause natural
      reactions as well. The earth will further travail and shake,
      for the power of My Word will increase with each revelation
      that comes. For My Word upholds all things, and judges all
      things. All that is fallen in nature and all that has been
      dimmed by the separation from Truth, will now come face to
      face with My Light, and great will be the reaction between the
      darkness and the Light.

      Prepare yourselves. Stand firm and fear not. All is well and
      is not the end yet. It is only the demonstration. But many
      will cry out that it is the end. Yet I am only shaking the
      heavens and the earth and the hearts of men. What will they do
      when My Glory fully descends?

      Yet, I am coming, and have indeed already come. But few
      noticed the transition that took place, and I will even bring
      greater transformation amongst the coming destructions. It has
      already begun.

      You have known, for I have showed you

      You have prepared, for I have purged you

      You have stood, for I have tested you

      You will bring forth, for I have filled you

      It is time to reveal the unfolding Word of Mine. The operation
      and function will be seen in the midst of the changes, for the
      transition is complete, and the boundaries are set. Yet, the
      greatest waves will come, one upon the other, as I gather and
      release, and set up My Kingdom in the hearts of men.

      My Kingdom is within you, and so much more. There are even
      more parts yet to explore. I will bring them forth, and you
      will know Me even more. For My Word will unfold within you,
      upon you, and through you, as I open the revelations reserved
      for this Hour. For great will be the demonstration that will
      come from the birthing forth.

      Take heed to My Spirit, and do not waver. For greater shakings
      upon the earth will I bring as I deal with the sin and the
      hardened hearts of men. But upon you, will My Fire greatly
      descend and you will be carried upon My Winds. For I have
      fashioned you to now be sent. To you, the veil is fully rent,
      and to walk in the revelation and demonstration of My Word,
      and to reap My Harvest and My Judgments. For My Sword will
      judge all things and Life and death will follow each choice.

      6:32 am

      -Susan Cummings


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