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As I fully abide within.

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    You Are Not To Plow Anymore You are not to plow anymore. You are to rest before Me. As you have been diligent to follow My mandates and have seen Me break
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 11, 2005
      You Are Not To Plow Anymore

      You are not to plow anymore. You are to rest before Me. As you
      have been diligent to follow My mandates and have seen Me
      break through, you are not to keep plowing and dredging. But
      know that you must change with the change. You must now move
      as I move.

      Some are only to plow, and then they move to the next field
      for that is their purpose.

      Some are to follow behind the plows, and plant, or work the

      Some are to water and tend to the young ones.

      Some do many tasks and are equally gifted to handle many
      assignments and tools.

      But I tell you, that the days have changed, and My People must
      now hear My Voice clearly. For I Am moving in a new way and
      for a new thing. I have told you that I would come and dwell
      in the midst of My House, and I have begun that process.

      As I am bringing this transition, new changes must occur for
      the Full Weight of My Glory to abide within, upon, and through
      My People. It is time to break up camp and leave behind the
      goods. You cannot take them with you. For I will do a new
      thing amongst you.

      What I chose to do through the plowing season will now bear
      fruit through this new season. It is my fruit and I will tend
      it. But you must learn of Me and resist the tendency to remain
      doing what you trust or know. You must cast your fears and
      accomplishments at My Feet, and move on. For I Am moving, and
      so must you.

      I have broken through, and am releasing My People now. I Am
      their Shepherd and will lead them as they follow My Voice. You
      must rise up too, and begin your next phase of your Journey.
      The reapers will soon overtake the plowmen. So you must

      There is much for you to do, and you have begun to step within
      that next phase. Trust Me in it. Continue to move in obedience
      to Me, and see what I will do. You know My Voice, trust it.
      For you have been given My Word to guide you also. Use it. See
      it come to pass.

      It is time for My People to step up, and be released, and to
      fill in their places and repair the breeches left void by many
      generations. I AM rebuilding My fallen House from the inside
      out. Man builds from the outside in, but never touches the
      heart. I build from the inside out and I begin with the
      hearts. Only I can change the hearts of men, as they cry out
      to Me.

      I have turned the page, as I have shown you. It is an hour of
      great decision and of new directions. Both will occur and both
      will be determined by the hearts of men. Both will be as the
      choice is made. For I give all men the choice. They determine
      the outcome.

      Your old ways, methods, alliances, and habits will not keep
      you or help you anymore. For everything is passing away and
      all things are becoming new for those who fully trust in Me
      and who abide in Me. Things will continue to shake even more
      in the earth, but you will not be shaken, but will stand in
      Me. It is your destiny.

      You must learn new things, and come up even higher in your
      understanding of Me. Your ways must become My ways. Your
      thoughts must become My thoughts. You must rise up, and sit
      with Me, and allow Me to use you even more. For I want full
      residency within you. I want to be the Lord of your Life even
      more than just your heart. Give me everything.

      Elisha plowed for a season. Then I told Him to follow Me. He
      broke up His plow and gave it to me as a sacrifice. He
      followed and became the vessel that I then fashioned Him into.
      So must you. Each level that you ascend higher into Me, will
      bring greater change and sacrifice.

      Nothing can be taken with you as you ascend or descend. Only I
      can lift you up. Only you bring yourself down, by choosing to.
      I have called for Mine to come to Me and some do, but few
      remain there. They want to come and go, as is convenient, and
      for their reasons.

      No more. Only those who are fully given to Me will stand
      before Me and see the hidden things in My Word. My Word is to
      be reverenced. It will be again.

      Continue to move forth, and as you do, I will flow more
      through you, and bring changes as you go. I am breaking forth
      in a new way. My People will be sent forth with My Power and
      Glory and it comes as they also obey. This is a new day.

      A new day for the earth and it’s inhabitants.

      A new day for My House and it’s inhabitants.

      Each will be shaken and broken open.

      One with My Justice. As I answer the sin.

      One with My Glory, as I fully abide within.

      -Susan Cummings

      7-11-05 3:13 am


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