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Doors of Destiny

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  • DBee
    Vision of The Doors of Destiny These past few days, the Lord has been showing me a series of things that he has for His people. With the many prophetic words
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      Vision of The Doors of Destiny

      These past few days, the Lord has been showing me a series of
      things that he has for His people. With the many prophetic
      words and decrees that have gone forth over the internet
      concerning the New Year, I have hesitated to release anything
      into the mix. I have waited awhile longer for the Lord to
      complete this communication to me, so that the people of God
      would understand what I have been given.

      It is not my intention to bring attention to myself in this
      encounter, but to show forth the hour of opportunity that each
      child of God has now come to, in the timing of God. Our lives
      are just a reflection of the Lords dealings in His People. We
      are transparent, so that He can be seen.

      This is what I have been given:

      I have had a reoccurring vision of standing in a darkened room
      or area and I am watching many windows or doors with long
      curtains hanging in front of them. Each of these openings have
      a single colored curtain, and each has a specific color or
      fabric. Some are brightly colored, while others are more
      pastel and some are more subdued in its brilliance. Others
      have unique fabrics and textures to them, and others have
      shimmering lights woven into them.

      Each of the curtains are moving slightly, and it seems like a
      breeze is gently causing each to sway in the light breeze.
      There are also others doors that are further away from these
      that I see close up. I also discern that there are natural
      doors, like caves, and ones that are man made. But each has a
      purpose and a timing for its opening and closing.

      As I am watching these curtains gently sway before their
      doors, I sense that the Lord is waiting for a response from
      me. I don’t really know what to do, so I wait and watch. I
      know that the Lord will speak to me when He is ready or when I
      have received what I have been sent to learn. The Lord comes
      up next to me, and points at the doors with the curtains.

      He says to me, “These are the doors that have been awaiting
      the release of those who will enter them, and fulfill their
      destiny.” I look at each one again. Each is different, and
      each is made for that individual, that is why each had a
      unique color or quality, or so I thought. The Lord nodded.

      “You are only partly correct. Each of My People have the same
      opportunity to serve Me. Each can come to Me, and obtain all
      that they need to walk out their destinies. Each has a
      specific calling and purpose, but each can choose and say no.
      I will not force anyone to come to Me, or to serve Me, or to
      walk out their walk. Each must desire Me above themselves or
      their own desires and plans.”

      “What you see before you are the doors of release that await
      you and My People who I have now brought forth. Each is a
      specific path for this hour, and each course will determine
      their final assignments. But take a close look and choose
      wisely. For each is a set course and cannot be altered nor
      exchanged after the choice is made, for time is short. For
      each one who chooses to serve Me, must utterly cast off their
      own will and pick up Mine, and then walk out that choice and
      it’s following results.”

      “Each of the doors are also the release of gifts and different
      expressions of Myself that each will show when they walk forth
      into those doors. But what they express will also be affected
      by their amount of dying to their own selves. For what they
      cleave to of themselves will also come forth as they walk out
      their choice, as they allow their humanity to influence their
      destiny and their fruit that will come forth with it. I will
      explain it this way... If you do not entirely let go of all
      areas of your life and give them to Me, and fully allow Me to
      inhabit those areas, then what remains will taint My Presence
      and eventually cloud and distort the purity of My Reflection
      within you. The result will not be a full transformation, and
      will be a mixture.”

      “I desire that each of Mine will be a pure vessel. I am coming
      to all of My Children, and bringing them to their place of
      choosing. Whatever is in their hearts, will be what they will
      be drawn to. This will result in their final placement and
      portion. Each will serve Me, but what the results of that
      service will be, is up to them. I will not force anyone. Each
      will give their hearts to Me, or they will retain them. I will
      not force My Love upon anyone, nor receive forced Love that is
      not sincerely offered.”

      “What you see before you, is also your choice too. Look before
      you, and then choose your door.” I looked at the Lord, and
      then back at the doors. I thought that I already had been
      released and knew the course that the Lord had for me. As I
      have been coming to the Lord and have received many changes in
      myself and my ways. I was confused as to the new shift and the
      new commission before me. The Lord watched as I struggled
      within myself and searched for understanding.

      The Lord waited. He watched and waited for me to come to a
      choice. I had no choice. I could not make one. I did not want
      any of the doors before me, and could not identify with any of
      them. The Lord said, “The doors are for each to choose. Even
      you. Each much choose daily to serve Me, and to lay down their
      lives for Me and for the Harvest. There are many choices along
      the way. Each choice leads to another juncture and setting in
      My Timing for you, and then another choice is required. But in
      this Hour in the times of men. I am opening the final series
      of releases and am positioning My People into their places.
      So, you are at the season of new release, along with My
      People, and you will walk through and begin the next phase of
      your destiny. As will all of My People. Each to their own

      I looked at the doors. I went and drew closer to see them, and
      to view their curtains. Each door had a unique quality and set
      of events that would occur to the one who would enter into it.
      Each had a unique anointing that would be upon them and
      empower them to walk out that choice. Each had a specific
      gifting that would enable the individual to express the Lord
      uniquely in their walk. There were so many, and some were more
      compelling that the others.

      Some had shining lights that glittered throughout the fabrics
      and compelled the viewer to their brilliance, it seemed. The
      one that I stood in front of was like this. I did not desire
      the brilliance of these lights nor the feeling of the
      brilliance of the lights as it seemed to illuminate the person
      and I drew back. I felt afraid of the beckoning lights and I
      sensed uneasiness about the door.

      The Lord said to me, “This is good. Some of My People choose
      the more brilliant and public doors that bring great public
      exposure and brilliance, but fail to realize that it will also
      illuminate them, and this causes them to fall into pride and
      arrogance, as they cannot stand in the light without receiving
      it into themselves. They never gave me all of their hearts, so
      when the illumination comes, it exposes the area of darkness
      and they take the light of the gifts to themselves, and it
      brings them to a place of imbalance, mixture, and self
      destruction. Very few walk purely in the arena of public
      gifting and in the display of My True Power. The more of My
      Power and Glory that is displayed, the more death that is
      necessary to release it and to reflect Me. Few handle My Gifts
      and honor them rightly without coveting the glory. But, all
      men can choose which portion of Me that they desire to
      reflect. All of My Gifts are available to all men, and are
      always freely given. Many want the most prominent gifts and
      callings, but fail to bring the changes necessary into their
      lives to enable them to walk purely in that calling. But fewer
      still fail to fully weigh the responsibilities of their

      I looked at the other doors. I walked up to one that had a
      silky and shiny fabric in front of it. It felt like water
      flowing through my hands. It was so lovely to hold and it was
      a deep blue in color. It was very heavy even though it was
      silky. The fabric was not what it seemed to be. It bore a
      weight that did not match its appearance. I did not feel any
      strong drawing or attachment to this curtain, so I released it
      too. I stepped back and looked at it. It shimmered in the
      darkness, and awaited its owner to walk through it. The Lord
      nodded and said. “This one also bears much responsibility. My
      gifts are without repentance, so each must fully weigh their
      choices and know that their choice will bear fruit in their
      lives, for good or for bad. This represents the beauty of My
      Presence and the weight of My Glory that flows through My
      Gifts. For each reflects Me. But the weight of My Glory will
      crush those who have not fully surrendered their hearts to Me.
      For I Am Holy, and My Glory will not abide in those who do not
      walk clean.”

      “This door is another path of expression of Me. It bears much
      responsibility too. It is a path of revelation that unveils
      much about My Glory and My Presence, and My Word, but it bears
      much hardship. The greater the revelation, the greater the
      death and obedience that is required to walk in it. Many want
      to walk in My Truth, but do not want to pay the price of that
      knowledge. But I give all of My People the choice. They can
      walk in My Truth or not. I will not force anyone to come to My
      Light or to My Truth. Each much come freely and know Me. The
      ones who walk through this door will reflect My Word. It will
      also reflect what is in them. It will also judge what is in
      them that has not been given to Me, that is why I desire that
      all men allow Me to judge them first. For judgment must come
      for My people to learn righteousness. Then they can
      effectively teach My truth and rightly divide it.”

      I nodded and walked to the next curtain. It was a fabric that
      had many weaves and patterns woven into its folds. It was not
      a bright or alluring color, but it was pleasing to look at,
      and was heavier than the others. It has patterns of fruits and
      plants woven into it. It was a kind of beige or natural color.
      I reached out and touched its folds and felt the woven images.
      It was a strong fabric and it bore many things. But I could
      not find within me a desire for this one either. I was
      beginning to wonder if I had something within me that was not
      given to the Lord, because I couldn’t identify with any of
      these so far. But, I waited anyways. Searching myself as I

      The Lord stood at this one. He said, “This door is one of
      great weight and responsibility as the others. Each of them
      bears a great responsibility. But this one is very heavy. It
      is the weight of My Word. My Word is brought forth through
      this door through teaching and impartation of Truth. Those who
      choose this door, receive great understanding of My Word and
      the anointing to teach it to My People. Many desire this gift,
      and path. But fail to walk in its light. As I said before, My
      Word judges and reflects Me. If the person has not brought
      every area of their live under total authority and submission
      to My Word, that same Word will show forth their walk. My Word
      is a lamp unto their feet and a light upon their paths. But
      those who teach My Word, are entrusted with the Holiness of My
      Word and must reflect that Holiness. I am the Living Word. But
      few honor Me, and My Word. Few give My Word utter and total
      Lordship over their lives and their giftings and destinies.
      They only want My Word, till they get what they desire, then
      they walk on in their own ways. Those who teach My Word will
      have no excuse before My Father. For the Word will judge them
      and their actions, for they know the Word, and teach others to
      do likewise. Much Blood has been shed in this door. Many are
      led into destruction by those who teach My Word falsely and
      with insincere hearts. I am raising up those who will be
      Lovers of My Truth, and who will reflect Me to others through
      My Word. This is available to all who desire it, and who will
      treasure My Word as Precious.”

      On and on I walked. Past many doors and curtains, but I could
      sense no compelling drawing to any of these. Much was revealed
      to me by the Lord regarding the many gifts and expressions of
      Himself that he is now releasing, and that awaited its time to
      be seen in the earth.

      I then came to a cave. It had a rough covering of some type
      that just fit over it. It was not compelling or even pleasing
      to see, but I felt its fabric in my hands. It has a feeling of
      roughness and of unuse. I just felt that few chose this door.
      I felt that many had come this way, but few had entered in or
      chose this path due to its uniqueness and its placement. It
      was farther away from the others. I sensed a drawing to this
      one, but at the same time, I felt the desire to search more.
      There was still something that I had not found yet.

      The Lord saw my hesitancy. He nodded and said, “This is a very
      important door. It is the door of sacrifice. It is a very
      costly door and it is very highly esteemed among heaven.
      Sacrifice births forth the Kingdom of Heaven. For the Kingdom
      of Heaven is come to men, and is now within them if they
      choose it to be. But sacrifice is the price of obedience. My
      Sufferings is revealed through this door. It is the door to My
      Sufferings and to My Glory. It is through sacrifice that true
      change comes and the Light of My truth shines forth. All of My
      Mighty Men are trained in these caves of obscurity. But few
      pay the price to be changed, so they can take the message to
      My People so that they too can enter in. Few want to be
      transparent. Many want to be seen as important and as in high
      positions of authority in the earth, but few will lay their
      lives down for their brethren, to reflect Me. I am the pearl
      of great price. It will cost you your life to enter in, and to
      be My Reflection. This path brings great reward and many souls
      to My Father."

      We walked on and passed many more. Each stood with its own
      path and purpose. But I could not find any that I could
      embrace. Although I wanted to embrace each one, as I truly did
      want to reflect the Lord is whatever way He desired me to, and
      it did not matter, for I would walk in His choice, but He did
      not choose for me. He waited. I began to grieve, as I felt
      that I had not found the place for me here, and I had missed
      it somewhere. I began to think of the many times I had
      encountered the Lord and the lessons that I had learned in
      them. Each was precious to me and had brought me closer to

      I said to Him, “Lord, I cannot choose any of these. I do not
      feel my destiny is here with these.” I then began to recall
      several times that the lord had brought me into His Heart last

      In one visionary experience, my spirit left my body after a
      meeting, and I rose up into the heavenlies, and saw the stars
      and the heavens. I saw this small square hatch type door open
      before me. Inside the door was the milky way, the heavens, the
      planets, the stars and all of creation. I suddenly understood
      that all of creation was in the Fathers Heart before He ever
      created it. I felt compelled to enter in this door.

      In this door was a room of sorts. There was a loud drum
      beating in this room. I was told to shut the door behind me. I
      turned and shut the hatch. It seemed to disappear as I did and
      the walls became a living wall. I turned and I saw that I was
      in a huge heart. It was beating loudly as at first and it
      echoed throughout the chamber that I was in. I could feel the
      heartbeat of the Father, and was overwhelmed at its size and
      capacity for Love. With each beat that I heard and felt in
      that room, I understood the Father truly loves His creation
      and cares for it. He spoke it forth from Himself and imparted
      Himself into it as He did. All things existed through Him, for
      Him, and by Him.

      It is here that I felt at home… Another time, I was back in
      the Fathers heart again, and I saw a desk and chair in this
      heart. I saw myself sitting at the desk and writing the things
      that the Fathers heart was beating. I did not want to leave
      this place. I felt at one with His Heart beat and it echoed
      throughout my being. But, all of a sudden, I was back in my
      body again after this first experience… All of these emotions
      welled up within me, as I re-thought about them again. This is
      where I belonged.

      I said to the Lord, “Lord I do not desire these doors as the
      one to walk through. I do desire to be used by you in any of
      them if you choose for me to. I desire to be your vessel in
      any way that you choose me to. I am your servant and you can
      make me into whatever you desire. I take no thought for my
      future, for you are all that I desire. But, I cannot help but
      remember when you allowed me to experience Your Heart and what
      You feel and how much You love us. I entered into that door,
      as You brought me into it, I felt so close to you and your
      love beat all around me. I would like to choose that door if I
      could again. I would like to sit at that desk that I saw, and
      write of what your heart beats about, and of your desires, and
      the great love that You have for your people. I would like to
      write of you. I desire that your people know you and also have
      your heart.”

      “I choose this door. The door to Your Heart. For I do not
      desire greatness or luxuries, but I desire you. I want to know
      you, and to be able to tell others who you are, and what you
      feel, and reflect you to them. There is nothing else for me,
      but You. I cannot choose any other path.”

      I waited. My heart beat with longing for His Presence and
      Love, but I could only embrace that which He allowed me to. I
      looked at the Lord and felt that I maybe had not asked
      correctly. For the doors around us were shown to me, but what
      I desired was not here. The Lord came over to me, and took me
      into His arms. He enveloped me in His embrace, and held me
      close. I felt such acceptance from Him that I no longer felt
      grief or uncertainty. I felt secure in Him. He drew back after
      a minute, and smiled and said, “There is no other place that I
      desire for you to be, but in My heart. My Father and I are
      one. Our heart has desired that men would seek us. Oh, that
      men would seek us, and desire to know us, and to be one with
      us. For I was sent to earth to reveal the Father to men. I
      showed the way, for all men to come and know us, and be free.
      But each Man must choose his destiny.”

      “It is a great delight for us to bring you into Our Heart. Few
      want to know our Love or to walk with us. Few desire to change
      or to be free. They desire their own ways and future. The
      Father always answers those who desire to come to Him. He
      delights in those who love Him and want to be like Him. Many
      want to reflect Him, and use His Gifts, but they do not want
      to be Holy. They do not want to embrace Him or to live in His
      Light. Many use My Word, My Father, My Gifts, and My Name for
      their own uses, but that day is ending. The night has come,
      and no man will now stand under the Glory of the Father, and
      walk in their own ways. All will be seen and all will be
      clean. All will be required to choose whom they will serve
      fully. Those who choose to come to us, will be ours. They will
      be under My Blood and in My House.”

      “My Father sent me to prepare a place for you, and all of My
      People. I have done so. All is in readiness. All will enter
      in, who desire Truth, and who love My Word, more than
      themselves. It pleases us that you desire to know us, and to
      come to us, and to bring that knowledge of us to His People.
      My Word is a Living Word and it brings life to all who will
      receive it. My Father is calling to those who would come and
      partake, and then feed to those who will follow after them. It
      is time for the People of God to know their God.”

      “Be at peace, daughter, for I know all things. I knew your
      choice, before you made it, but I have to bring you to this
      place, as I do all of Mine. Each must choose. Each is
      responsible for that choice. Each must embrace Me in it, and
      reflect Me through it. I would have loved you no matter which
      choice you made. I would have used you in any choice, and any
      gift that you desired that I pour through you. I would have
      been reflected through you in the degree that you allowed me
      to. I am glorified through each of Mine, as the Father is also
      glorified. Each choice is just as important as the other. Each
      is a part of Us, and reflects Us. Each is available to all who
      seek Us, and desire to be made into Our Image.”

      “What you have asked for, I always grant. I desire that all
      men would want to know My Heart, and to share it with others.
      For such is the Kingdom of God, the Love. Love is the greatest
      of all gifts, and is the foundation upon which all things
      exist and flow through. For God is Love. I AM Love. All things
      exist through Me, and out of Me, and Love upholds all things.
      Because of My great Love for you, I created all things, so
      that you could know that great love. It is just many of the
      things that I desire My People to know. I love them. I died
      for them, so that they could know that love and be with Me
      where I am. It is time for Love to be released in My House
      again. It is time for Love to be given and shared amongst the
      Church. It is time for true Love to be released and true Life
      to come forth. It is time for change. My People are known by
      their love. They reflect Me. The world is looking for Truth
      and for Love. It is time to shine forth with My Love and to
      communicate it to the darkness and to bring the imprisoned out
      into My Light.”

      “Enter in. Take your place in My Heart. Sit, and learn of Me.
      Write what I show you and what I speak to you. Many will come
      and sit where you will sit, and they also will write of Me.
      For I am bringing great Grace to those who are searching for
      Me. Great Grace is given to the thirsty and the hungry, and
      the naked. I will feed them, and fill them, and clothe them
      with Myself. I will reveal Myself to those who will receive
      Me. Write of Me, for many will read, and will embrace Me. I
      will be glorified through My Words. I will receive My Own to
      Myself and the Father.”

      “I am bringing greater understanding to the earth of who I AM.
      All men will know that there is a Living God. All men will
      know that I AM. All men will come to a knowledge of Me, and
      will choose their final destiny.”

      “The earth will shake with the knowledge of Me.”

      “The heavens will shake with the knowledge of Me.”

      “The seas will roar with the knowledge of Me.”

      “There will be no excuse. All men will see that I am in
      control of all things. The heavens and the earth are Mine. The
      heavens and the earth reflect Me and what I am doing in this

      “Great travail will now increase, as men are ushered into
      their final destinies. Great Grace will also be given to Mine
      who serve Me, and who reflect Me in this hour. For I will reap
      My Harvest, and it will be seen. Great darkness has come, and
      all men who refuse the knowledge of Me will be given over to
      the darkness and will be separated from Me. Many have warned
      and have faithfully cried out. Now it has come. The Storm has

      “Take your place. My Own are now taking their places. All is
      in readiness. All is now brought forth.”

      -Susan Cummings
      9:18 pm


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