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The Sifting Has Begun In Earnest

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  • DBee
    The Sifting Has Begun In Earnest The sifting has only just begun in earnest, child. You say to me, “Father, I have already been sifted.” But, I say to you,
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 11, 2004
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      The Sifting Has Begun In Earnest

      The sifting has only just begun in earnest, child. You say to
      me, “Father, I have already been sifted.” But, I say to you,
      that the enemy is desiring to sift out all of Mine in this
      hour. For He has little time, and will come and press My Own
      to see if they will break. But I say to you, that nothing that
      is rooted and firmly planted IN Me will break, nor will it

      The Sifting is for My Purposes as well. For I allow the enemy
      to sift, press, and accuse to show forth My Glory in My
      submitted Vessels. For I am glorified through your trials, and
      tribulations. I am seen through the dark night of your soul,
      and the travails of the birthing. I am the one who brings you
      through. I am the one who sustains you, and has been with you
      from the beginning, and I will still be, until the end.

      This sifting, is only the beginnings of the shakings that will
      greatly increase upon the earth. Men’s hearts will fail them
      and great anguish will be their portion, if they do not firmly
      anchor themselves into Me. The sufferings that you walk
      through, are nothing compared to what many do, without My
      Grace. I took the punishment for your sins, and thereby My
      Grace shields you from the sting and the curse of them, so you
      do not have to bear the full weight of the attacks.

      Job walked through many siftings, and did not lose His Faith
      in Me. He did not understand why He was tested, as He was
      obedient to Me, but He trusted Me enough, to stand till the
      end. There are few who truly will stand till the end, as they
      do not truly trust in Me, and not in their own strength or
      wisdom. For many truly will not lay down their lives, and pick
      up Mine.

      I am sifting the wheat from the chaff. The husk from the seed.
      The hard outer layer from the hearts of My Own. It is the
      treasure within that is now coming forth, as the sifting
      unwraps My Workmanship, and also brings you out into My Place
      for you. The winds of accusation are only the first of the
      opposing winds that will blow across My House. Accusation is
      only the outer breaking of the ego, and the will that then is
      exposed, then the true heart can be unveiled and dealt with.
      This is what I am doing, breaking the hearts, so I can release
      My Glory.

      Out of the treasure of the heart, the mouth will speak. I
      will have a pure House, with clean hands and pure hearts, who
      will speak My Truth and My Love, and who will not compromise
      to save themselves or their reputations, or their images. I
      will be the only Image that people will see, when they look at
      My Children. So, the sifting has begun, and will increase till
      the shaking becomes a violent quaking throughout My House.

      The winds of adversity precede the winds of opposition.
      Opposition determines who will serve Me fully and who will
      not. For many will save their lives, rather than lose them
      for My Gospels sake. Many will not count a soul more precious
      than their own life. Many will deny them from entering into My
      House, so they can look good. Self-Image is the idol that I am
      bringing down, for it is erected in the Holy Place instead of

      No unclean thing will be erected in your heart, if it is given
      to Me. For I will not be second place to you, or to anyone.
      The siftings reveal who is seated upon the throne of your
      heart. It will be too costly for most, for most love
      themselves, and will not crucify their lives, and to be
      utterly forsaken, and enter into identity with Me. Unless you
      are willing to suffer, and to be as nothing, and to die to all
      that you are, then you will not know Me, nor be One with Me,
      nor will you remain in My House.

      So, embrace My Siftings. Rejoice over your trials and
      temptations, as My Son did. Liken yourself to Me, and count it
      all as joy, and receive My Grace. For My Grace is given to
      all, who fully come to Me, and deny themselves. Those who will
      not do this, will fall under the weight of their own choice,
      as they did not dig deep enough into their own hearts to be
      firmly rooted and grounded into Me. Such are those who will be
      swept away in the flood of opposition that now comes.

      All that you are, and all that you will be, and all that you
      shall do IN Me, has already been seen by Me, so trust Me, as I
      walk with you through the siftings and the shakings, for I am
      ever with you. I know the hours of heaviness that you walk
      through each day. I know the voices that accuse you falsely,
      and thereby slander Me also. I know the hurts that you wear
      because of the unjust system that you have lived in, but know
      that I Am the Lord of Hosts, and I will repay all to it’s
      fullness. Nothing will be left unturned, or unchanged.

      Everything will change.

      Everyone will choose.

      For The Hour of Trial has already begun, and so few have
      embraced it. So few, have recognized Me in it. So few,
      understand that I AM in control of all things in the earth. I
      allow or disallow according to My Will and Purposes for all
      men. Everything that happens is in MY Control and in My
      Foreknowledge. All things work together for good, to those who
      love Me, and who walk in Obedience to Me. Through such I will
      be glorified.

      My Glory will be seen through each who receives Me in this
      hour, and who knows that I AM with them, and have their life
      In My Hands. This hour will show who loves themselves, more
      than Me. The sifting has brought a settlement and a
      comfortableness has settled in, now the shaking will bring the
      total breaking.

      No man will sleep through the breaking. No man will stand
      through the breaking. For all who do not fall willing upon the
      rock, will be crushed under it. I will be the Lord of all, or
      of nothing, in your lives. I will be the Rock upon which you
      will stand in this short night.

      The sifting has served it’s purpose, and you have come forth,
      with your garments of white.

      But woe to those who embrace the night.

      Woe to those who are not found standing in MY Light.

      -Susan Cummings
      7:05 pm


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