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Rooted and Grounded In Him

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  • DBee
    Rooted and Grounded In Him For the last few days, I have sensed a grieving of the Lord in my spirit. The sense of sadness and of disappointment follow me
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 21, 2004
      Rooted and Grounded In Him

      For the last few days, I have sensed a grieving of the Lord in
      my spirit. The sense of sadness and of disappointment follow
      me whatever I do throughout the day. I have waited till the
      Lord chose to show me why He has been brooding and what was on
      His Heart. The following is the result of that waiting.....

      The time that I have given to My People to draw close to Me
      has ended. I repeatedly called, and cried out to them to come
      to Me. I gave time and more time, for them to fully turn back
      to Me and to allow Me to cleanse and heal them. But how many
      heard Me and actually came? Why My Children haven’t came to
      Me? Why have they chosen to walk in darkness instead of My
      Light and Love?

      I gave time for them to repent, and to turn from their
      wickedness and their sins. I gave them much, for My Grace is
      available to all, but they trampled on My Grace and turned
      away from Me. The time that I gave them was not used for
      preparation, but for their rebellion. I warned of the time
      closing and none even bothered to look and see if it was
      indeed too late.

      Now the time has come and gone. I showed My Prophets the New
      Day that they have now entered. I made them cry out and warn
      the people of their choices, and the reaping of those choices.
      But, did any listen to My Prophets? Did any humble themselves
      or despise their sins? No, they cast aside My prophets and
      told them to be silent, and discredited them.

      I gave time for My Prophets to warn and to be that witness but
      few heard the decrees or even listened to the alarms. They
      only went further into their dark caves of security. But their
      security is not IN Me, and it will fall upon them. For I will
      shake the foundations of the earth and even the caves will not
      protect them.

      I allowed even more warnings to come, as nature responded to
      My Hand, and travailed to birth forth in the earth. Nature has
      travailed and waited to see My Sons birthed forth into the
      earth. It has longed for the day of deliverance from the
      bondage of sin. But even then, men did not repent and seek Me
      for the days ahead. The time that I have given has been
      wasted, and not appreciated as My Grace. Men do not want
      Grace, they want darkness, so now that is what they will
      receive. I will no longer warn, but now I will roar. Nature
      will also roar, by My decree as it responds to Me.

      I have called out through prophets, apostles, pastors,
      preachers, teachers, men, women, and children. But who heeded
      My Voice? All who were truly from Me, were discounted and
      pushed to the side, or many of them were corrupted and made
      into the harlot, just as the people who loved the darkness
      were. No more will my Voices be corrupted or silenced! I will
      be heard, and all men will give an account!

      I am a Just, Loving God. I have been calling to My People over
      the generations, seeking for those who would love Me, and walk
      fully with Me, and who would walk Holy in the earth. There has
      been a remnant in each generation. Now, at the end, I find
      none who see what I am doing, and who can stand fully in it.
      So, I am revealing it to My Prophets, the ones who I now will
      raise up, who will be faithful with My Word. Who will not let
      one of My Words fall to the ground.

      I am raising up the final voice in the earth,that will cry out
      in the destruction, and speak froth the Truth. For I warned
      men of this hour of My Justice, but few failed to believe that
      I would judge My Own. Few know that as a loving Father, I
      chasten those who are Mine, and who are in sin. I love My
      People, and I will have a Holy People. I have begun the
      cleansing of My House.

      I have warned and will no longer warn anymore. They have had
      the final warning and now comes the reaping. I have begged My
      Own to be found In Me, to come to Me, and sit with Me, and
      learn of Me, and be changed into My Likeness. Those who
      refused will now be purged. Those who now refuse the purging
      will be separated with the chaff and the goats forever. I will
      not be mocked!

      Men will have what they want. If they choose their own way,
      they will go fully into it, and be wholly given over to it. If
      they choose Me, then I will embrace them and bring them into
      My arms. There is no other choice. No longer will, I allow
      uncleanness to be called by My Name, or to rule over My
      People. In My House, I am the Lord, and there will be no

      Those found rooted and grounded IN Me, in this hour, will be
      sheltered from the waves and the purging that will scourge
      this land. For though the waves beat upon My House, it will
      surely stand, and all found IN Me, will stand with Me till the

      The waves have begun. Waves of fire and blood have been
      decreed and have begun their march across this land. No man
      will be able to hide, for all will give an account and choose
      whom they will serve. The trumpets have sounded and the
      decrees have been uttered and the release has begun. The
      destroyer now passes over the lands.

      Those found rooted and grounded In Me will not fear nor flee.
      They have chosen to be hidden In Me. And this thing will I not
      deny them, for they fully embraced Me. My Glory is what they
      will see. For they did not love their lives more than Me. It
      is to them that I will show My Mercy.

      -Susan Cummings
      7:30 pm

      1 John 1
      2 Peter 2
      Matthew 11
      Matthew 7


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