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I Have Given You The Call

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  • DBee
    I Have Given You The Call I have given you the call to sit at My Feet. It pleases Me that you have made room for Me, and have chosen to come to Me. It is the
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 12, 2004
      I Have Given You The Call

      I have given you the call to sit at My Feet. It pleases Me
      that you have made room for Me, and have chosen to come to Me.
      It is the greatest of gifts that I have, which is Myself. Many
      do not want Me as their treasure, and they run after manmade,
      perishable gifts, rather than their God.

      So many, want to know what I am saying, but don’t come to Me
      to find out. They run after my leaders seeking a word, and
      they don’t seek Me, the giver of all wisdom. They do not love
      the Truth, for if they did, they would leave all behind and
      seek after it with all they have. I am not enough for them.
      So, they run, always thirsting for Me, but never finding Me.

      The Famine of the Word is their portion. It is the season of
      famine and hardship, and it will be reaped fully. For My
      People do not care for the things of My Kingdom, but only of
      their comforts and ease. Only of their desires and what they
      plan for their lives, and not of what I have chosen for them.
      So, they will get what they want, and it will be dust in their
      hands, and rotten in their stomachs. What is not given by Me,
      will have no life in it. For I Am the Life and the Light of

      My Truth and My Light has always been available in each
      generation. I have called to each generation with the same
      call. Each chose their paths, and each reaped their choices.
      So will this final generation. But it will reap the fullest,
      for they had the greatest Light and rejected it for their own
      ways. So, the famine will burn through the land, and the
      hardships will bring suffering on the rebellious and the

      I have told you of the coming waves. I have shown you their
      course. I have warned and cried till no one listens anymore.
      Now, the Word itself will be their judge. The fiery waves now
      come, as I have shown you and they will no longer delay. For I
      no longer call to a rebellious house, but will now be found
      among My Own. For they have chosen Me as theirs, and have
      prepared a place of Habitation for Me to dwell in.

      Now My Habitation will be seen, and felt, as I move amongst
      them. My Own will not fear, nor lack, in this season. For I Am
      the Life, and Mine will go in and out through Me, and not

      I have brought forth Mine from the womb of preparation and
      purification, and they have been brought forth now into My
      Purposes. The birthing is complete. What I have wrought within
      them will now be seen through them. For I am coming forth from
      within My People, and through them in this hour. My Vessels
      are ready for My Use.

      The Birthing is complete. Now I will bring forth the maturity
      and the establishment of My House will be evident, in the
      ravaged land. For My House will be full, and will be the Light
      that will be seen in the darkness. I AM the Resurrection and
      the Life, and no man will be found In Me, but Mine who paid
      the price to come to Me.

      You have had your call. Now I am answering the response to My

      -Susan Cummings
      10:22 pm


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