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Walking Amongst The Tents Of Israel

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  • DBee
    Walking Amongst The Tents Of Israel A Current ongoing vision I have been getting lately this week..... I saw myself walking through a camp of tents, like the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 7, 2004
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      Walking Amongst The Tents Of Israel

      A Current ongoing vision I have been getting lately this

      I saw myself walking through a camp of tents, like the tents
      of the 12 tribes of Israel. They were all pitched around the
      Tent of Meeting. I was walking through the encampment and was
      watching all the various tents, the many different families,
      all the activities, etc....

      As I was walking, a sudden huge roar sounded and in the midst
      of where the Tent of Meeting stood, the ground suddenly and
      violently broke forth, and out of the ground came this huge
      fiery pillar of Light and Fire that shot forth out of the
      midst of the Earth. It was so big that it overshadowed the
      whole encampment.

      I did not see the Tent of Meeting anymore, as the Fiery Pillar
      of Light now filled the whole area.

      This Pillar burst forth, and rose up high into the sky, I
      could not see the top, if there even was one. It was so huge
      and very powerful and roared with the power of the Presence of
      the Lord. You could hardly think, as the roar of the energy
      coming from the Pillar was deafening.

      Then the vision ended.

      I keep getting flashes of it this week, over and over.

      The Lord is about to break forth into our midst, in a very
      powerful way.



      I sent this vision to the group, and the Lord has been
      speaking more to me regarding His Purpose for the vision, and
      to give me further understanding as to why He showed it to me.

      This is what he spoke to me:

      I have brought you to My House, to see My People. They are
      camped around My Tent, and have built their lives around Me.
      All of their lives work and activities revolve around their
      relationship with Me. Or so it seems. I want you to see what I
      am bringing forth.

      My people will now know who I Am, as I am breaking forth into
      their lives in a very profound way. I have revealed myself to
      them in layers and in Truths, and in portions. For most have
      not purified themselves enough to draw close to Me, and out of
      My Mercy, I have limited their understanding of me, so that I
      could preserve them and bring them further into maturity.

      The time has come for My People to come into full maturity.

      The time has come for true holiness to now be seen amongst
      them and within them.

      I will no longer hold My People at arms length, to wait for
      them to choose to be Holy, but now I require it for it is a
      great hour of trial that now is being unrolled upon the earth.
      My People will not stand unless they are fully in My Presence
      and hidden IN ME.

      So, I am breaking forth, and violently shaking all things
      concerning them, and will expose everything, so that they can
      come to the Truth, and embrace it. If they embrace it, I can
      embrace them fully, and bring them fully into My arms. If they
      choose not to embrace the Truth, then they will be consumed by
      My Fire and perish. For the enemy will devour them and bring
      them to perdition. There is no middle ground anymore. There is
      no more time to play.

      As I bring exposure, it will be as a roaring in the earth. My
      Voice will be so loud that they will have to stop their ears
      to deny Me. There will be no excuse. I will roar over My
      People. I will roar over the nations. The sound of My Voice
      will be heard as it covers the earth, and then the darkest
      night will fully fall.

      There will be no more games played. My People’s lives will be
      ordered around their relationship with Me, or it will be
      devoured by the enemy. My Camp will be full of Light, My
      Light, and no more mixture will be in it. Everything will be
      submitted to Me, and shown for what it truly is.

      The religious models that have been erected and built by men,
      will be burnt up as I rise up. There will be no more manmade
      tents, edifices, altars, or monuments. For all that is not
      built by My Hand will not stand, but will fall under My
      scrutiny. What is not judged by Me and purified, will devour
      it’s maker. For all that is not birthed by My Spirit is
      idolatry and pride.

      My People think they know Me. They think they walk with Me,
      yet, they do not come to Me, nor seek Me. They do not pay the
      price to sit at My Feet and to spend time with Me. If they
      did, they would fear Me more than men, or their opinions. They
      would not be in bondage to their lifestyles.

      That day has come and is now being thrown into My Fire. I will
      be everything to you, or nothing to you. Either you come to
      Me everyday and in humility seeking My Ways, or you will go
      your own way to destruction. It will be seen if I walk with
      you or not. Either I dwell in you or I don’t.

      Either My Word is true or it is not.

      -Susan Cummings
      7:42 pm


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