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The Hour Glass and the Scales

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  • DBee
    “The Hour Glass and the Scales” The Lord is standing in front of me. He is wearing a blue robe, with a white sash and belt. I have never seen Him wear a
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 3, 2004
      “The Hour Glass and the Scales”

      The Lord is standing in front of me. He is wearing a blue
      robe, with a white sash and belt. I have never seen Him wear a
      blue robe before with the white sash and robe, but I feel it
      is significant to the vision. He is standing and He is holding
      a scale in His right hand, and an hour glass in His left hand.

      The scale is tipped with a heavy weight in the one balance,
      and the other balance has a lighter weight in it.

      The Hourglass is empty on top. All of the sand is run to the

      The Lord is standing there holding these two instruments in
      front of me. He is watching me to see if I comprehend what he
      is showing me. I wait, as I know that I do not trust my own
      judgment on anything. He smiles, and comes closer.

      He says, “it is good that you do not rely upon your own
      judgments. Many of My People judge too quickly without waiting
      upon Me for understanding. They run ahead of Me, and decide to
      do things ahead of My timing, and often make great mistakes in
      the process. Never think that you know what I am doing, by
      just what you see and hear. Always inquire of Me first, before
      making any decisions, and before releasing what you think you

      “If more of My Prophets did this, there would not be so much
      fear amongst My Own, or deception. Many of My People are
      fearful over what they see and hear, and they do not come to
      Me for confirmation or for understanding. They run to one
      another first. Then they wonder why they can’t hear My Voice.
      I won’t be a secondary opinion anymore. I won’t be second
      place. I will not hear those who cry out to Me, if they
      continually run to others for their wisdom and direction,
      without coming to Me first. Am I not their God? Can I not give
      them understanding of the things to come? Why do they not
      inquire of their God?”

      “What you see in My one Hand is the Scales of My Justice. They
      are tipped and ready to be poured out. The lighter side of the
      scale is the prayers of the saints. The heavier side of the
      scales is the sins in My House. There has not been a full
      repentance or turning back to Me. My Remnant is praying, but
      where are the rest? Where are My other children? Running after
      their gods….. now it is too late. I cried out for prayer. I
      cried out for repentance. I cried out to My Own for them to
      fully turn to Me, and to serve Me alone.”

      “The Scales of My Justice have been measured and have been
      weighed, and the cup is full. No more, will I cry out. I have
      reached out to a perverse and wicked generation who has
      wandered in the wilderness, and they do not want to come
      forth, but to remain in their state, so they shall. I will not
      strive with men. I will have My House full, and it is indeed
      so, for I have filled it with the outcasts and the lame and
      the weak and the servants. They are now My Possessions.”

      “The Sand Hourglass in My other hand is the time is up. No
      more time. My Justice is now meted. It will now be reaped. I
      have delayed until there is no more delay, and it does come as
      a storm over the land. For the fury of My Father is great upon
      the wicked and the rebellious. Make no mistake, the wicked are
      those who know the truth, yet, don’t obey it, but shun it to
      go their own way. They are those who know the truth, but
      refuse to yield to it or be changed by it. The rebellious are
      those who say they love Me, but go and do their own thing, and
      think it’s okay and permissible because others do it and think
      they have time to change and get in at the last second. There
      is no playing with My Grace. Either you are fully Mine or you
      are not. Either you fully trust Me and live for Me, or you

      “I am judging all of My House. I am passing over each person
      in My House and all will be laid bare. Everything in your life
      not given over to Me, will be burned up in My Judgment. Many
      will suffer great loss. But I will have a pure Bride. I will
      have a clean House. I will not live in anything not pure and
      holy. There is no more delay or waiting. I am now pouring out
      My Justice.”

      “Many think that I am judging the world at this time. I am
      judging My House. The world will mock, and scorn, and ridicule
      my judgments as I release them, and as My People suffer, but
      when I am finished with My House then, I will turn my wrath
      upon the world. My judgments are for My Own. My wrath is for
      the world.”

      “My Remnant need not fear, for I have already judged them if
      they have embraced My Fires. I have given them their portion,
      and they did not refuse Me. My Healing Hand is upon them, and
      I will indeed raise them up in this hour of Judgments. For
      they will be My Voice and My Hands in the earth as I pass by.
      I will have a witness in the earth of My Grace and My

      “Rend your garments inhabitants of the land, while you can,
      for I am now passing over the land.”

      -Susan Cummings
      1:24 am


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